My DnB Mixes......


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August 2011
Usual smooth vibes that lean more on the soulful tip.
Dont usually like having more than 2 tracks from the same artist / label but Phuzion seems to have kinda flood gates open that all flavors are pouring through. So theres a few from them that I whittled down from the amount I bought over the last couple of months.
Anyway - below is the tracklist - so light up some bud and melt away.

J-Laze - Nod to the Godz - Phuzion Records
Andy Sim - All These Years - Think Deep
Lenzman / Switch - No More Tears - Phuzion Records
PennyGiles - Vibe Is Right - SP Breakz Records
Nookie - Get Down - Phuzion Records
Dave Owen - Gold Deez - SP Breakz Records
Matizz - Lullaby - Phuzion Records
B4sstee - WinterSun - ?
Andy Sim / Highbury / Sopheye - Keep on Going - Think Deep
Flaco - Space Blues - SP Breakz Records
Scott Allen - Brighter Day - Celsius Recordings
Static - Just Watching - Pitbull Recordings
PFM / Formula One - If You Were Mine - Plush Recordings
Imagery - Guess Who Loves You More - Luv Disaster Records
Mark Halflite / SoulTec - Look Far From Me - Touch One
Steez - Walk The Line - Stepping Forward Records
Bass Division - Good Troughts Good Things - Liquid Brilliants
Solero - Blind Faith (Nookie Remix) - Phuzion Records
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