My Dilemma:P


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Here's the deal guys,
I've never DJ'ed before although i'd like to.. seems fun, i love dnb and seems like a good hobby doing some casual mixing :p I'm torn between PC /Laptop Djing, djing with vinyl or CD djing

. To me seems having the physical side of things with two decks seems better than laptop djing, but then with vinyl it's the cost of vinyl and i know labels have to recover cost but around £5 for 1 track you like ( 2 if you like the B side) is pricey,

i have a job and plenty of money but i dont want to splash out loads on some decks and a mixer if they're advanced as i'm doing it purely for fun and arent planning to eventually go and do some minor gigs.

Any advice would be helpful judging from there being alot of friendly DJ's on here, and any reccomended cheap but good decks and mixers pref in packages unless packages are crap:D

thanks for reading
and peace