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Mar 4, 2008
I paid for that page about 8 months ago,, and found out its getting shut down

Great.... has died. has become another casualty of the current economical downturn. It has been a pleasure to serve the music community for the last 6 1/2 years and this decision comes with a heavy heart and much sadness. A few questions you may have are answered below:
What happened? The simple answer is the economy. Musicv2 has always operated on a minimal or no profit basis and has been run as a "community project". Over the last year revenues fell over 60% and the site began to steadily lose money. We tried everything we could from finding investors, setting up sponsorships and even going to the community to assist in this time. Unfortunately none of those things worked out and it simply became impossible to keep the site online. I just joined, what does that mean for me? If you registered within the last 3 weeks you will receive a refund shortly. I had a Lifetime membership what happens now? Our Lifetime memberships were defined in our Terms of Service as follows:

Lifetime memberships will remain active and available for the entire duration that the website continues to operate under the current ownership. In the case that Musicv2 were sold, the current owners of cannot guarantee that Lifetime Memberships will be honored by new ownership.

Likewise if the website were to cease to exist, all obligations to our users in regards to membership durations whether Lifetime or otherwise would terminate affective the last day of operation.

We have however decided to keep a record of all current Lifetime members and if by chance Musicv2 comes back online at some point in the future and is still owned by the current ownership, current Lifetime members will be contacted and allowed to restart their accounts on the new site at that time. What should I do if I have a yearly membership? If you registered a few years ago when we offered yearly memberships and you believe your billing is still active, please do the following:

If you paid using Paypal, log into your Paypal account and search for a subscription related to either or If you find an active subscription, cancel it.

If you paid using a credit card, we will be canceling any and all active billings. What is going to happen to all the music? We are currently working with our datacenter to find a way to permanently store as much of the media as possible. This however can not be guaranteed. It should be noted that our Terms of Service regarding this issue clearly states the following:

Members of the website have the sole responsibility and liability for maintaining a copy of the data stored on the servers. encourages all members to archive and regularly backup their files; User bears full responsibility for archiving their data and sole liability for any lost or irrecoverable data. can not and will not be held liable for lost data. Users agree to maintain their data in compliance with their legal obligations. Anything else? Good luck and keep rock'n.
music v2 was a cool idea. always found their site really un user friendly, slow and generally crap.

ah well. there's a tenner down the drain.
Yeah I heard about it shutting down too from some people I know who put their mixes up on there for people to DL, etc..i was only on there as a listener though, as I don't DJ atm...also didn't feel the need to put tracks on that site as well..
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