Morcheeba - Otherwise (Uncut Remix) - White Label

Arrow Jay

Jan 14, 2002
Bradford, West Yorkshire
Another promo found in my local and thrown at me recently, and one I was kinda sceptical about because I never really liked Midnight.

However, I was pleasantly surprised and bought it. It does have that typical laid back feel to it, kinda like a cross between the regular stuff on Infrared, and the High Contrast album.

The two mixes available are vocal and instrumental, but without the vocals, the tune does nothing.

Uncut use the original track really well in this, with a very soulful feel, an trancey elements throughout. The vocals are laid over nicely with the rest of the track, and the strings add something fresh over the top.

If you liked Midnight, then check this will love it. If not, but you like your "intelligent" d&b...check it anyway.


Instrumental Mix: :thumbsdown:

Vocal Mix: :afro: :afro: :afro:
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