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    Mixmaster Doc
    (Driven AM | 31 Records | Innerground | Creative Source | Sonorous | Brand Nu | Mac 2 | Horizons | Sidechain | BIOS | South Carolina)
    With his first signing to Doc Scott's legendary 31 Records, Dan Brady AKA Mixmaster Doc, burst onto the drum & bass scene seemingly overnight. Humbled by the support of a whos who list of A-list DJ's such as Fabio, Marky, NuTone, Lynx, Commix, LTJ Bukem, Asides & Goldie to name but a few, he became focused on producing the old school sound that originally drew him in at age 13. Born and raised in NJ, Doc spent most of his youth a slave to DJ culture, buying tapepacks, digging in the crates, and of course spending hours a day behind the decks. Even before he was able to drive, his grandmother made sure he never missed a beat, taking him to all the area records stores and at times even driving him to raves so he could play his first gigs.

    Though Dan's original career was to be in medicine, hence the name "Doc", he couldn't shake his overwhelming passion for drum & bass. His move to Myrtle Beach, SC, where he currently resides, marks the pivital moment where he gave up medicine and instead began to devolop his trademark sound. Known for his cinematatic atmoshpheres, use of classic drum and bass breaks, and of course his earth shattering bass, Doc's music quickly became popular with both djs and ravers a like.

    One cant help but hear Doc's influences in music. Whether its the sub pounding bristol basslines or the eerie scifi vibe that was such a part of the legendary blue note sound, Doc's music takes us back to a time when the music was alive and fresh. When the music was more then just music, when it was a way of life.

    New Releases
    Sonorous Music - SMOO5 - 'She Dances' / 'Mr Scott'
    Test Presses In Store Now !
    Right now you can find limited white label test presses of Mixmaster Doc's debut solo 12" on Sonorous Music: 'She Dances' / 'Mr Scott'. Once these white labels are gone it is straight to full artwork and in the shops in around 3 weeks time so be quick as these wont last long.
    http://www.sonorousmusic.co.uk/cms/ - For More Info

    Sonorous Digital - SDEP3_B - 'My Angel'
    Sonorous Digital - SDEP3_D - 'Seduction'

    BIOS - SCD0001 - Dan Marshall & Mixmaster Doc - Exodus
    http://www.biosrec.com/ - For more info

    Deep Soul Music Future Without the Past LP - DSM007 - 'Gangsta Down'
    http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/sc/deck?track=DSM007-4 - Audio Clip

    Sidechain Music SCM004 - Love Dub
    31 records 31R035 -My Tongue is Posion/ Trip
    Diverse Products DVP009 - Umpteen Times/Dreams
    Brand Nu BRANDNU009 - Drippen off/ Macrophage
    Horizons Music Dream Thief Sampler - Copperhead(w/ Saburuko)
    Deep Soul Music Future Without the Past LP - Gangsta Down
    Sonorous Music SM005 - She Dances/Mr scott
    BIOS - Exodus (with Dan Marshal)

    Doc has forthcoming tunes on 31 rec, Innerground, Creative source, Sonorous, Mac2 and more.

    Mixmaster Doc - Summer 2008
    1) Stunna and Tyler Straub -so weak
    2) Utah Jazz - runaway nutone rmx
    3) Icicle and Nympho - franky mountain
    4) Henree and Switch - piece of history
    5 )Eveson -revert
    6) Nulogic - trademark
    7) Naoh d - channel surfer
    8) Soul Intent -studio pressure
    9) Mixmaster Doc and focus - first keck
    10) High Contrast - if we ever
    11) Commix - strictly
    12) Sabre - elite
    13) Mixmaster Doc - mr scott
    14) Random Movemenet, Mixmaster Doc , focus - my sentiments
    15) Icicle - so close
    16) Apex ft Ayah - space between
    17) Bcee and Lomax - one year on
    18) Mixmaster Doc - ashs bliss
    19) Wildchild - renegade master Mixmaster Doc booty
    20) Mixmaster Doc - fan of me

    Driven AM is currently accepting booking for Mixmaster Doc across the US. He is playing one off dates in NYC and Florida in the 2 months, and has openings in January for his midwest and west coast tour. So far Doc is playing cities in California, Texas and Arizona.
    Open dates on this tour: January 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12.
    Contact Driven AM for more info.

    For Bookings in North America, contact:

    Driven Artist Management
    AIM: Driven AM NYC

    Driven AM Roster:
    Bachelors of Science, Datcyde, Dave Shichman, Dj Seen, Dj Seoul, Random Movement, Dj Strife, Mixmaster Doc, Nookie, Raw Q