DnB [MIX] Autumn's Cusp (October D&B Mix)


Jan 17, 2010
After a major shoulder injury on the 2nd of September I've managed to put together this one and a half arm mix... Enjoy! [:D]

01. Rido - Twisted
02. Big Bud - White Widow
03. Little Jinder - Without You (Seba Remix)
04. LSB - Subdued
05. Little Dragon - Twice (LSB Remix)
06. Mutated Forms - Miscommunication
07. Komatic & Technicolour - Those Feelings
08. B-Complex - Ocean Deep
09. D Kay & Lee - Touch
10. Serum feat. David Boombah - Why They Wanna
11. Aquasion, Scott Allen & Noble Sense - Mystic Intervals
12. The Funktion - Losing You
13. >>> Need For Mirrors - Skip Rope
14. Physical Illusion - Jungle Boogie
15. Brookes Brothers feat. Tasha Baxter - Daybreak
16. Will Miles - I
17. Dom & Roland - Dune
18. Electrolyte - Ray Of Light
19. Utah Jazz - Burnt Out
20. Bungle - Blue

Soundcloud Download: http://soundcloud.com/mmxbreaks/autumns-cusp-mmxs-october-2011/download
Soundcloud Stream: http://soundcloud.com/mmxbreaks/autumns-cusp-mmxs-october-2011#play
Darkaudio Stream: http://www.darkaudio.co.uk/index.php?artid=948&traid=8064&


Hmph..... silly...
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Mar 3, 2011
good mix again man, don't really need to comment on mixing or anything its all spot on. keep mixing up the tracklists as well i love the fact that there's variety, makes it interesting especially seen as i wasn't that familiar with most of the tracks. haven't heard burnt out in aaages nice one, losing you is class as well that tease with skip rope is super clean, i like. following you on soundcloud :)
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