Mister Shifter - Live at Rake's End 2013 (lots of reggae-vibed jump up & more)

I thought I'd post a mix I did just a few months ago, before I recently joined the forum.

This set was recorded the night of August 2nd, 2013, live at Rake's End in Cincinnnati, Ohio. I was using my new Pioneer DDJ-SX and had a lot of fun trying out some effects, looping, etc. Probably my favorite live set I've ever recorded in a club environment.

The audience was going off and really seemed to enjoy the tunes, so hopefully you do too!


- Shifter

Soundcloud Link - Mister Shifter - Live at Rake's End 2013

00:00 - Renegade Live feat. Ray Keith - Phenomenon One (Extended Vocal Mix)
04:06 - Calibre - Clipper Man
05:34 - Congo Natty - UK All Stars (Congo Natty Meets Benny Page)
09:15 - Ed Solo & Deekline - Ghost Town (feat. DJ Concept)
13:40 - Curtis Lynch feat. Million Stylez & Mr. Williamz - Champion (Benny Page Remix)
16:36 - Mist:i:cal - Just a Little Herb (feat. Ras T-Weed)
18:05 - Aswad - City Lock (Breakage Remix)
21:00 - Krome & Time - The Licence (Break Remix)
- TEASE - Danny Byrd - Shock Out
25:04 - Ricky Force - Falling
28:48 - LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Rework)
31:03 - Camo & Krooked - All Night
35:30 - Nu:Logic - Grizzly
37:43 - Teebee & Calyx - Pure Gold (feat. Kemo)
42:44 - Technimatic - Sphere
45:19 - Makai - Beneath The Mask (ill.Skillz Remix)
48:38 - Camo & Krooked - Anubis (Inside Info Remix)
51:57 - Breach - Jack (Calibre Remix)


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Enjoyed your last mix you posted so im going in on this one now.

First mix was proper .... I actually have never heard this Calibre trak before..... crazy.
Damn that shit was fresh going into the Congo Natty.... makes me miss my old vinyl.
Ghost Town worked great with UK All Stars.... man u r off and runnin with this one.
Ur a Bad Bwoy ha ha! I didn't even notice Just A Little Herb on the TL and when I heard it coming in I freaked out a little been awhile since I've heard that trak. Nice one.
Oh and that mix into City Lock was nasty mang.
Damn killed'em with that Danny Byrd tease.
Falling coming in now..... atmospheric with The License sounded good and of course hits right on the break...... my least favorite trak so far tho..... just me.
Atlantis..... haven't heard this in a long time.... never was big on this trak either.... mixed good tho.
All night long worked really well with Atlantis althought the mix kind of took a turn i wasn't expecting right here. I'm not a Camo and Krooked fan to b honest.
I'm not going to lie Grizzly was BIG right there...... coming back now ha ha.
I hear Pure Gold coming in and i already know this is going to be great. As expected!
The Sphere worked nice off of Pure Gold nice mix right there as I probably would have never thought to put those 2 together.
Beneath The Mask and The Sphere..... first time in the whole mix that something sounded off. Haven't heard a Ill Skillz trak in a while but i know they used to be difficult to mix back in the day. I used to buy like everything he put out and always hated it when I actually got the trak. Start weird or would have a weird kick or snare in it.... don't know if it's the same thing here or not.
Switch up into the Anubis trak.... haven't heard this RMX but like it kind of a weird combination with the Beneath The Mask but could be back to what i said above.
Waiting on Jack.... last one Selektah! ha ha. Solid ending.
Over all this was really good mang. Would have loved to been there and heard this one live. the first half with the ragga was mixed and blended so good. A lot of times with ragga the vocals will clash and i can't remember a single one of those in this mix so kudos to you sir. 2nd half was really good as well some traks that I'm not a huge fan of but everything was put together well. Anyways glad to see a fellow country men representing the DNB scene.... we need more of this here IMO.
Following you on Soundcloud now so I can hear what is next. If you get a chance check mine out. Some different styles and switch ups .... u might enjoy.

screwed up twice on this one but some really good mixes through out.

Thanks again so much for taking the time to listen and offer great feedback. I'm looking forward to checking out your mixes as well, as I really could use some new things to listen to in the car lately.

I'll keep trying to represent the USA as much as I can, even though drum & bass has become more of a hobby of mine since becoming a family man ;)

I founded the production duo Random Movement in 2003 with my best friend, Mike, who currently carries on the project. I co-wrote and produced our first few years of releases on Breakbeat Science, Bassbin, Timeless & Innerground. Now I just DJ in my spare time, because I love it so much and can't seem to give it up.

I have a few more studio mixes in the works right now, with some cool exclusives. I'll post them as soon as they finish up!

Thanks again for the support.

- Jack


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Re: Mister Shifter - Live at Rake's End 2013 (lots of reggae-vibed jump up & more)

Dude that is dope as hell. I got a Random Movement trak on the first mix i sent you and buy alot of the Random Movement stuff. I' have a 18 month old daughter as well so my time is very limited but i try to make due with what time I have ya know. Breakbeat Science man you are taking me back with that one ha ha. I use to get a box from them every week and was probably the one thing that i looked forward to the most. I know what you mean about playin...... i started when i was 20 and now im 35. I had to take some years off to get my life in order had an addiction but im back on it now and trying to get back to where i was. Not there yet as you will hear in the mixes that i sent you ha ha but getting close.
Man any feedback you have would be greatly received! As well as any tips for sticking mixes...... I'm getting closer but still have to correct the pitch sometimes and I just want them to be so clean ya know. Anyway I'm following you now so I will definetely be on the look out for the new stuff.

- - - Updated - - -

back on DJ'ing and not the addiction by the way ha ha......