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    Preview and purchase our latest Drum and Bass Releases direct from our Snocap store listed on http://www.myspace.com/mindsawdigital

    New Exclusive Digital Releases available for download:

    MSAWD014 Dabs - Love as a Weakness (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD015 Skull - Fuckers (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD016 B Soul - Irreversible (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD017 Replicator - Sever Trauma (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD018 Zubcore - Drumatic (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD019 Dabs - Swordfish (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD020 GasMask71 - The Prophecy (Preview Audio)

    MSAWD021 Matar - Brainless (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD022 Gap - Sinner (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD023 Gap - Killer (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD024 Pitch┬┤n┬┤Sulphur - TimeBomb (Nize5ive rmx) (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD025 Gap - Act of Humanity (Preview Audio)

    MSAWD026 Core Corp feat. Pooponbarbie - Two Postulations (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD027 Reborn & Empire X - Barricade (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD028 Core Corp & Gancher - Shizophrenic (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD029 OTM - Halo (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD030 Hedj-Tortured Soul (Preview Audio)

    MSAWD031 Antichristus - Max (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD032 Hedj - The End (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD033 Alex Key - Sunstroke (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD034 Alex Key - Front (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD035 B Soul - Immortal (Preview Audio)

    MSAWD036 Gap - Freedom (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD037 Gap - Press (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD039 Gancher - Dark Emotions (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD040 Miss Redflower - Test Of Faith (Preview Audio)

    MSAWD041 Miss Redflower - The Butchers Daughter (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD042 Gancher - The Forces (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD043 Zardonic - Extinction (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD044 B Soul - Immortal (Dextems RMX) (Preview Audio)
    MSAWD045 Core Corp - Blood Poison (Preview Audio)

    Thanks for your Support!! :gpeace:

    MSAW003 Forbidden Society (12INCH PROMO)
    A) Focus on Violence
    B) Anti-trust

    Look out for this 12" monster Release coming to stores soon!
    Distributed Worldwide via LOAD Media.