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    'Your Time' dubstep radio show with MIND & Special guests Fused Forces & Tryptamine on Intense Live.


    Archived mix (27th August 09) from 'Your Time' radio show with MIND & Special guests Fused Forces & Tryptamine.


    'Your Time' radio show with Mind + Fused Forces & Tryptamine.


    Mind in the mix:

    01. Tryptamine - Killing time [Mind Remix] (DUB, Forthcoming Twenty Twelve)
    02. Heny G - Retro Love (DUB, Forthcoming Gansta Boogie)
    03. Wachs Lyrical - Ode on Apollo (DUBplate)
    04. Mind - Boundless Art (DUB, Forthcoming Eight:FX)
    05. Vishnu - Stay Here (DUBplate)
    06. Von D & DJ Madd - U (DUB, Forthcoming Argon)
    07. Kromestar - Inside (DUB, Forthcoming Dubstar)
    08. The Widdler - It's a Fine Day [Bootleg] (DUBplate)
    09. TKR - Miss U (DUBplate)
    10. Truth - Business Man (DUBplate)
    11. Untold - Luna (MP3)
    12. Phaeleh - Lockdown (feat. Jut Lew) (DUBplate)
    13. Headhunter & F - Dedale (DUB, Forthcoming Transistor)
    14. Depone - Eskimo Jam (DUBplate)
    15. 3rdeye - Undulate (DUBplate)
    16. KLIKZ & DANJA - Break Through (DUBplate)
    17. Evil - Aurora borealis (DUBplate)

    Fused Forces in the mix:

    01. Fused Forces - Face Gash (DUBplate)
    02. Fused Forces - Big Foot (DUBplate, Forthcoming Substance Abuse 002)
    03. Fused Forces - Marked Grave (DUBplate)
    04. Fused Forces - Electro Showers (DUB, Forthcoming Fused Forces LP)
    05. Afterdark - Torment Dement - Fused Forces Remix (DUBplate)
    06. Fused Forces - Abort Mission (DUBplate)
    07. Fused Forces - Muted Mind (DUB, Forthcoming Fused Forces LP)
    08. Fused Forces - Moon Trap (DUBplate)
    09. Fused Forces - Fruits Of Labour (DUB, Forthcoming Pesky Plates 002)
    10. Fused Forces - Skuffle Shuffle (DUB, Forthcoming Eyez Down 001)

    Tryptamine in the mix:

    01. Burial - Shell of light (Hyper dub)
    02. Kalimist - Every day hussler (??)
    03. Land Slide - Dreams and Visions (Black Acre)
    04. Caspa and Rusko - Rock bottom (Destructive Records)
    05. Kito - What If (DUB, Forthcoming Disfigured Dubz)
    06. ?? - Sexual Healing - (DUBplate)
    07. L-Wiz - Lady Smilin (Destructive)
    08. Thesis - Coco (??)
    09. Paperwork & Cinnamon – Ill-Esha (??)

    119mbs | 160kb | 01 hr 57 min 39secs

    Download Link 1: (left click link, and download from the website)

    Download Link 2: (left click link, and download from the website)

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    Minds latest release is now out on Eight:FX and available from the below site.

    https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/188307/Cocktails & Coke!!

    A. Mind - Cocktails & Coke!!
    AA. Mind - Boundless Art

    Cat: AR028

    Fused Forces

    Fused forces see another two huge vinyl releases dropping on Pesky Plates in sept entitled "Ugly Face / Fruits Of Labour / Road Rage", as well as "Boy Cried Wolf / Big Foot" dropping next month on their own label Substance Abuse. Fused Forces are also currently building their album which is going to feature a variety of artists including Beezy, Riko, Sonny Jim, Sdot & Mr Jo, not slowing down they have been doing remixes for plenty producers including Afterdark, Matt Green, R-Demon & Orien.

    You can catch Fused Forces playing out regularly including Innovation In The Dam in Nov, Plus exciting news they will be re launching their own dubstep night Scruffy_Hoodlum again in south london towards the end of the year.



    Tryptamine 's love for music has seen him continually exploring different genres and digging out bangin tunes with Dubstep his main vice.

    Having returned to New Zealand, Tryptamine has been sharing his love for the genre; frequently playing live shows and gigs across the country, rocking floors as often as possible from nearly every bar in Auckland, up and down the country to Wellington; Hamilton; he’s even been invited to play at Whangareis established ‘Paddock’ party 2 years running supporting a number of national and international artists. Tryptamine DJ skills have been in high demand, with guest appearances on Aucklands George FM and shows on Silkcuts, aiding the demands and requests for his services; he was asked to host Auckland’s prime time drive show on Boosh FM.

    Continually developing his passion for DJing, Tryptamine has already started the evolution into production, with a number of tunes underway and increasingly perfecting his sound you can expect to hear his own production in his well sort after Tryptamine DJ sets.

    A DJ for the people, with his tight live shows and perfect track selection he’s able to shift any party in to gear, Tryptamine is now taking bookings – make sure your party is the party not to be missed

    Booking This Way Up Dubstep Artists:
    This Way Up Artist Agency.
    Web: http://www.twuagency.co.uk/mind.html
    Email: bookings@twuagency.co.uk
    AIM: AfterThaEnd and TWUAgency
    TEL: 0044 7979 325 737