Mid Mic Crisis: Interview with MC DRS

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    Esteemed Drum & Bass host and studio fire-starter DRS is back with ‘Mid Mic Crisis’ LP on Intalex’s Soul:R, featuring an impressive network of production talents that could only be curated by an artist in his prime. This is his second album since 2012’s ‘I Don’t Usually Like MC’s But…’ and he’s continuing to flesh out his diverse take on all that is good in Drum & Bass and beyond…

    DRS has kept it realer than real on the Drum & Bass front with a monstrous new collection of dance floor anthems from some very talented friends, whilst ‘Mid Mic’ also showcases the MC’s foray into more of a live feel. Keeping his audience on their toes with his new band 8 Gold Rings; beautiful vocal collaborations with Shola (Ama) and Terri Walker, plus unexpected album tracks like the hypnotic post-rock tune ‘One And Only’ and a glorious call back to the Broke’N’English days on ‘Try Out’ with UK Hip-Hop prod. Micall Parknsun.
    Sonically, lyrically and soulfully on point with this latest offering; we caught up with the Drum & Bass impresario to pick his brains about his recent creative pursuits…

    Interview: http://in-reach.co.uk/drs-mid-mic-crisis-lp-soulr/