Metropolis Sound Glasgow - Jurassic D&B Special


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Friday / 10pm - 12.00
Hosted by Y2D
Listen online at

This week, to celebrate the launch of Jurassic D&B at the Artschool on thursdays, Jurassic resident Djamba, PH1 and myself will be hitting the subcity studio for a 2 hour back to back to back session.

Expect plenty of brand new releases from the world of drum and bass and a little info on what to expect from the GSA's brand new D&B event.

Jurassic D&B | Every first thursday of the month | Artschool Glasgow

Oct 7th - Y2D, PH1 & Djamba
Nov 4th - DJ Tez & Djamba
Dec 2nd - DFade & Djamba

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