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★ R E L E A SE
( Proximity - Horizons - DSCI4 )

★ D A N N Y . I N T R O
( 4 Deck Birthday Set )

★ S A L V A G E . B 2 B . S H A D R E
( Short Circuit Records )

★ D O M . H Z . B 2 B . A L . S O N A R

★ Y E S I . B 2 B . M A Y N A R D

★ N U M B S K U L L . B 2 B . C R Y P T O N

★ D U T T A


We are absolutely delighted to be putting on the official Birthday party for one of the truly great North West Drum & Bass DJ's
- the one and only -

We don't usually do Summer parties, but because of the response we had for our Summer Sizzler with just two weeks notice, we thought we'd once again say thanks to all supporters & offer you all a bargain of a night! With it being Danny's Birthday this was the perfect opportunity to do so & we're all buzzed for what is sure to be a very special occasion!!!



Having already had releases (excuse the pun) on Viper, Horizons, Chronic, Proximity & DJ Traces's DSCI4 label it is evident that this man has a bright future ahead of him & we're buzzed to have him down for his Relapse debut!

His songs have been supported by some of the very biggest D&B artists including DJ Marky, Matrix & Futurebound, DJ Hype, Friction, Optiv & BTK, Calibre, Doc Scott amongst many more! His DJ sets are also noteworthy as you can be certain to be taken on a deep Drum & Bass journey encompassing many of the sub-genres you have come to expect at Relapse!

We've wanted this man for quite some time & we thought this was the perfect occasion to make the booking happen! If you've never seen Release before then you definitely won't want to be missing this one as he will undoubtedly keep you lot grooving from start to finish!


D A N N Y . I N T R O

Danny's been putting time in since way back in the NWDNB days (there might not be too many heads on here that'll remember the forum) & he secured his first Relapse set at the monumental RELAPSE003!!! After smashing the dance to pieces he's been invited back a countless number of times & he has seen the night organically grow into what it is now!!!

Each time Danny has dropped in he always brings a very special and energetic performance & is known for his slick mixing and double/triple drops!!! He is an absolute beast on the one's and two's and has been smashing the North West and beyond for well over half a decade now!!!

His efforts for Relapse should blatantly be noted as he has given up a great deal of raving time to help out on door duties as well as providing advice and guidance along the way!!! Not many heads genuinely care for the well-being and progression of the night as much as Danny does!!! *SALUTE*

As well as being a top DJ, he is also a sick guy as many of you will be able to testify to!!! He is one of the most well loved heads involved in the North West Drum & Bass scene and for many a reason!!! He'll be playing in the main room right in the middle of the night, so make sure you check his set and then afterwards buy him a drink as he most definitely deserves plenty of love at his Birthday party!!!

Over the near five years of putting on nights I've come across a lot of heads! It is fair to say that I consider having met and become good friends with Danny a privilege as he is one of the safest, most genuine, down-to-earth dudes out there and I'm buzzed to be able to put on this party for him!!!


S A L V A G E . B 2 B . S H A D R E

These two both killed it off individually last time round so we thought we would pair them together to ensure maximum dancefloor devastation!

Shadre is making a real name for himself at the minute with his on-point production, this dude really is one to watch out for as his music is already of a high standard and he's not even 20 yet!

I've been lucky enough to hear his forthcoming EP on Short Circuit Records and you lot will be impressed with the diversity and maturity of his output, watch out for that one dropping later on this year!

Salvage is a main-stay of the Manchester Drum & Bass scene and Unity Radio resident DJ. He has smashed many a rave up and down the country and you can always expect up-front pressure in the forms of Jump-Up, Neuro, Dancefloor & beyond! We're buzzed to have him back as you know he'll always have a crowd buzzing from the start to finish!

Individually these two both smack it, together we are expecting very big things indeed! Definitely not a set to be missed as you'll be getting to hear never-heard-before dubplates alongside some of the freshest D&B out there!


D O M . H Z . B 2 B . A L . S O N A R

These two have been rocking the Relapse stage since way back in the day & we're buzzed to welcome these two back as you can guarantee they'll smack their set hard!

These two know a great deal about electronic bass music & you can always expect a clinical set delivered in style!!! We have a good feeling that these two are going to be going in hard and heavy with a hefty emphasis on the Drum & Bass on this one & we can guarantee the dancefloor will be left pulverised!

These two are seasoned veterans in the North West Drum & Bass circuit & we're buzzed that they're both available for this special occasion! Definitely a set where you can expect to be taken on a journey into the future! Miss this one & miss out!


Y E S I . B 2 B . M A Y N A R D

These two have been smashing the Manchester rave scene for quite some time now after becoming firm favourites with the Just Skank & RippeR crews! Expect plenty of energy from start to finish from these two with a particular emphasis on dancefloor, jump-up and rollers!!!

As well as smashing dances to pieces, these two are also known for their productions & if you have not already checked their music out, then make sure you do so as they clearly have an ear for the music! We've wanted to get these two on board for quite some time & this was the perfect opportunity to do so!!!

Expect to be kept on your toes throughout the duration of the set as these two drop a clinical set consisting of many a monster to destroy the dancefloor! Devastating double drops & destruction await when these two rock up on the one's and two's!!! Already looking forward to what these two have in store & buzzed to finally have them both locked in!


N U M B S K U L L . B 2 B . C R Y P T O N

If you are hankering for some Dubstep then look no further as these two will blatantly satisfy your needs!

Chuffed to pair these two as we have one of Manchester's senior Dubstep selectors going B2B with one of the freshest faces in this cities scene for the very first time! Expect the unexpected you lot!

Both of these two smacked their sets at our first Summer Sizzler & we thought it'd be rude to not have them back this time round! Expect the spectrum of the genre to be covered as these two take you on a 140 exploration!



If you're in need a jump-up fix then look no further as this bright up-and-comer will blatantly satisfy your needs!

This dude's not even 20 & he's already had his music supported by heads such as Logan D, Hedex, Rowney & Propz and many more! Expect upfront business with a heavy emphasis on Dancefloor and Jump-Up D&B with a healthy amount of double drops throughout! Looking forward to what this lad has in store for us!