Masheen & Sleeper Cell - Physical Reality / Masheen - Vertigo (CONTAM001)


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Masheen & Sleeper Cell - Physical Reality / Masheen - Vertigo (CONTAM001)

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A. Masheen & Sleeper Cell - Physical Reality AUDIO

Starting off with deep pads and razor sharp stabs it's just the calm before the storm as you are hurtled into the punch of crisp beats, creeping bass and haunting vocals. Just as you think it�' all over you are immediately hit with dirty bass stabs and gut wrenching bass. A sure fire hit to smash up any dance floor.

AA. Masheen - Vertigo AUDIO

Hitting off with dark terrifying sounds you are immediately sucked into another realm. Deep bass stabs, techno kicks and bleepy synths all coming in, you suddenly realise this is no ordinary tune as it rolls along like a minimal Techno stomper! As you get sucked in deeper the pace increases and before you know it you are involved in a full on Techno onslaught! This one is not for the faint hearted!

Promo release: 17 September 2007
Full vinyl and MP3 release: 23 October 2007

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