Marky & XRS "LK / LK (MC Stamina rmx)" (V 035)


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Mar 4, 2002
This tune sure took its damn sweet time to come out didn't it? This was the tune of last summer and only now its out on 12" this summer. Even more of a pisstake is all the adds they put in magazines about when its coming out. First its coming out now, then its coming out then, after a while its coming out over here in this month. Yah, that was well annoying however thats not the worst bit.

Do you want to know what the worst bit is?

You do?

Well I don't know...

Are you sure you want to know?

Well Ok, you've convinced me.

The worst bit is the fact the 12" was suppose to be released as two 12"s either in a pack or seperate. The tune selection was to be A). "LK" B). "System" C). "LK (Mc Stamina blab rmx)" and D). "Love Fantasy". Now LK is a nice tune, it grew on me after a while but the Tuuuuuune was blatantly "System". An aquatance of mine had mail ordered the promo pack from Chemical Records and so I had a chance to listen to all the cuts. I say "System" was so great due to the fact it sounded very much like a Psychotropic hardcore record from 91 or 92. It had those beautiful Psychotropic-esk rave cords as well as that classic laughing sample that Luna-C used in "6six6". The tune had boring 2-steps however this was Marky's first attempt at making a 1992 flavored tune and I think he did it quite well. Now for the sucky part!

After waiting months and months more for the 'full release' of the LK pack I find out "System" won't be on it, nor will "Love Fantasy". No instead of this they redid the whole record by puting "LK" on one side and "LK (Stamina rmx)" on the other side. If thats not a PISS TAKE then I don't know what is (Finest Illusion on Ebay for 200.00 pounds is also a piss take, probably more so).

So for this reason I really hate this release.

I rate this: 1/10


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Jan 30, 2002
Re: Marky & XRS "LK / LK (MC Stamina rmx)" (V

I still really like the instrumental mix of this but the vocal mix is just a bunch of old tat.
Just a poor shot to get money, which admittedy has worked but I think it's shit.
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