mansir's Dark Mix 14.09.09

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    May 29, 2009
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    easy fellas, just recorded a mix for you all to check out

    mansir's Dark Mix 14.09.09

    36 mins 14 secs
    82.96 MB

    Loxy & Isotone - Ancients
    Lynx & Kemo - Dangerous
    Spectrasoul - Tectonic
    Commix - Satellite type 2
    >>Lomax - Metal Flange (Heist Remix)
    Fresh - Heavyweight
    >> Lomax - Artisan VIP
    Break - Traits (remix)
    Friction & K-Tee - Set it off
    Commix - Talk to Frank (Break Remix)
    >> Alix Perez - Down the Line (Break Remix)
    >> Commix - Strictly

    This was inspired by the shogun audio night at lightbox a few weeks back, been all over this kind of dnb since that night! This is the first mix i've ever recorded but bearing that in mind fire away with crits & comments, cheers lads!