Madcap //:Synthesis Residents Pt.6 (Mix)

dj madcap

Mar 12, 2006
*** Having started on the 7th July, each week leading up to the Synthesis night @ Rhythm Factory (Friday 15th August) we have been posting a set from one of the residents for your listening pleasure, this week DJ Madcap ***

Madcap – 61ish minutes

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01. Ill Logic & Raf ‘Be There’ DZR Recordings
02. Zero T ‘The Original R’ C.I.A Records
03. Sabre ‘Riverside’ (Zero T Remix) Lucky Devil Music
04. Utah Jazz ‘Runaway’ (Nu:Tone Remix) V Recordings
05. Icicle ‘Broken Fingers’ Xtinction Agenda
06. Mute ‘Suspense’ Dub
07. Physics & Madcap ‘Call Of The Wild’ (Madcap’s Remix) Dub
08. Loxy & Munk ‘The Revenge’ Cylon Recordings Dub
09. Breakage ‘Clarendon’ (VIP Mix) Digital Soundboy
10. Mako & Andyskopes ‘In The Raw’ Utopia Music Dub
11. Naibu & Hydro ‘Secrecy’ Horizons Music Dub
12. Nostaljah ‘Play Away’ Dub
13. Villem ‘Scratch You Out’ Uncertified Music Dub
14. Calibre ‘Beat Goes On’ Signature Records
15. Break ‘Meridan’ DnAudio
16. Goldie ‘Angel’ (Loxy & Ink Remix) Razors Edge
17. Survival ‘The Beginning’ Critical Recordings
18. Madcap ‘Innervision’ Dub

"Madcap - This mix is a selection of tracks that I’m feeling right now, from the summer vibes of Be Free to the dark beats of Innervision. If you like what you hear I guess I’ll see you on Friday night.

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