M.A.T.T "Square Methods / Terrace Violence" (Juice


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Mar 4, 2002
This is a very very very swell tune. I'm speaking of "Square Methods", the other tune is total cack. I wouldn't have known about this record had I not tuned into Heather's internet radio show called "Skoshland" on interface so big ups to Heather!

Well I would describe "Square Methods" as being a 2002 tune that sounds like it was made in 1993. This tune is pure 'Ardkore ruffneck bizzness! It starts out with a nice classic breakbeat with a euphoric bit then it goes into its 'ardkore rave stabs building up and building up untill the DROP. BAMN! A bad ass retro sounding chopped up amen break comes in causing you to dance your butt off! Wicked sub base and boy is that rave stab pattern neat! Then it drops into a euphoric breakdown causing me to feel that everything is all right and I'm going to get through this semester of collage and have a WONDERFULL summer at the beach. Then BAM! Back into the rave stabs and massive sub bass pressure!

This tune is pure ARDKORE and should never be refured to as Drum and Bass because that would insult the tune. If you like this sound BUY ON SITE, don't even listen to it cause its just too fucking hot to listen to ahead of time. 8O :D :D :D
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