For Sale Lots of dnb for sale!! great prices!!

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    Just had a major sort out over the weekend. All of these are in perfect condition, most have only been played a couple times. I'm selling any 3 singles for £12 including postage or any 7 singles for £24 incuding postage. EP's are 2 for £12 inc postage or 4 for £22 inc postage. Im accepting reasonable offers for the lot.
    Im only accepting money through Paypal. If your interested in anything then email me at Dont pm or reply to this as im not on here often. Cheers.

    Artificial inteligence - Days of rage/ crocodile smile
    Andy c & shimon - body rock/ orient express
    Billy the kid - the oz/ good the bad the ugly
    Blame - Stay forever/ Strikeforce
    Blame - watch the sun come up/ dub
    Brookes brothers - Tear you down/ Drifter
    Brockie & ed solo - system check/ mind overload
    Chase & status - End credits vip/ Is it really worth it VIP
    clipz - Give it to me now/ offline vip
    Clipz - Cocoa/ Jiggy
    Clipz - Loud and dirty/ Push it up (TC remix)
    Clipz - Download/ Get down
    Culture shock/ Kronix/ imax
    Crystal clear - Bangers n mash/ Superfunk
    Crystal clear - Full effect/ Zen remix
    Crystal clear and cabbie/ Street hawk/ Cold blooded
    Callide - let it go/ Spaow - Land of the cyclops
    Danny bird - Sock out/ Labyrinth
    DC breaks - Pickeit line/ flashback
    Drumsound - Can you feel it/ unknown
    Drumsound & bassline smith - The odyssey/ body movin
    Drumsound and bassline smith - Cold turkey/ Stories of the future
    Dkay - Dubplate/ comet
    Dkay & Epsilon - Barcelona( BC & High contrast remixes)
    Dj escape & recluse - banging the walls/ fear of the future
    Dj ss - Lighter 2007/ dual voltage 2007
    Dj spice - The porn track/ Mischief
    Dkill - Da place/ The system
    Dillinja - Fast car/ no future
    Dillinja - Twist em out fresh remix/ skibadee vocal mix
    Dillinja - Shiners/ unknown
    Dillinja - Grimey(clipz remix)/ Sky(zero t remix)
    Dillinja - Bell tune/ holla
    Dillinja & lemonde/ Violent killa/ 12.01
    Die & interface - Brightlights/ rockers mix
    Decibel & recluse - No good/ Current events
    Dminds & Dirty harry - Ho bass/ Ghost town
    Drum addict - blood clot sound (gdub mix)/ move (KG remix)
    Dirty harry - Skankers/ Western riddem
    EddieK - Planet terror/ Prestige - Unscrew
    Evol intent - Dub alley/ Pleasure - War torn city
    Ego trippin - Mars needs women/ chapter3
    Fresh - All that jazz/ Roni size - Windrush(hiest remix)
    Fresh - Hypercaine/ Dubstep remix
    Fresh - Nervous/ Subfocus remix
    Fresh Feat Adamf - When the sun goes down(origin unknown/commix remixes)
    Firefox & Trinity - Full contact/ shit bag (picture disc)
    Goldie feat krsone - digital/ boymerang mix
    Greenlaw feat dj ss- After im gone Nero and tantrum desire remixes
    Gdub- Forever VIP/ Beast city
    Hazard - Wicked so/ Tactix
    Hazard - Enuff is enuff/ hold it
    Heist - Impala/ ambush vip
    Heist - Dusty bin/ Book em
    Heist - Hockenheim/ Gynorg
    Heist - Spiders ville/ sleep in ya eyes
    High contrast - Basement track/ accapella
    High contrast - Kiss kiss bang bang(Jonny l remix)/ Nobody gets out alive
    High contrast - Suddenly/ Whats the story
    High contrast - Seven notes in black/ basement track remix
    High contrast - Everythings different/ Green scene
    Interface - Get lo/ Clipz - Download (original sin remix)
    Influx UK - Ghost people(take my 2004)/ Ghetto messiah
    Influx uk - Still Universe/ Ascension
    Jakes - Warface(dminds remix)/ All about
    J frequency - Kill yourself/ tell me a story
    J frequency - Shotgun/ jigsaw murder
    Jaydan - King of miami vip/ fear factor
    Jaydan - Suicide/ Pull up VIP
    Jaydan - King of miami/ fight music
    Jaydan - Felony/ crank
    Jaydan - War/ Origin - Phone jacker
    J majik & Wickaman - Space invasion/ Manali cream
    J majik & wickaman - Crazyworld/ x3 othe remixes
    J majik - Feel about you/ Feel about you(original sin remix)
    Jay z - Empire state of mind(dc breaks remix)
    KG - Apocalypto/ remain where you are
    KG - the missile/ the past
    Krissy kris - Higher/ unknown
    Kilo (clipz) - scum city/ muddy waters
    Krust - Tribute/ second movement/ Excuses
    Kila hurt - One finger technique/ colligula
    London electricity - Sister stalking/ Brother ignoramus
    London electricity - Rewind/ Rewound
    London electricity - My dreams/ My dreams(total science remix)
    London electricity - Different drum/Photek and Nutone remixes
    Lynx - Disco dodo/ Wonder
    Lomax - Artisan/ profiler
    Mood 2 swing - I got love(logistics remix)/ Chase & status remix
    Moving fusion & Origin unknown - Turbulence/ Sound in motion
    Marky & Spy - Swerve remix/ fang face
    Marky & spy - Riff raff/ time moves on
    Muffler - Showdown/ Futureshock
    Majistrate - Pussy killa/ ice creme man
    Majistrate - Maniac/ Amusment
    Majistrate - Change/ Dan miricale - Blazin fire
    Majistrate - Mobin sound/ You dont know me
    Mutated forms - Hitback/ Ill
    Modified motion - That isnt enuff/ Serchin
    Nightwalker & ozma - Enter with caution/ wheres ya tool
    Nero & plus 8 - Cant take it/ wheel of fortune
    Nero - Do you wanna/ Futurebound - Tonic
    Nu balance - 175volume1/ tuff shit
    Nu tone - Seven years(Matrix remix)/ Stay strong
    Original sin & taxman - Seen/ 97 style
    Original sin & taxman - Back for more/ Evasion vip
    Original sin - Therapy/ kiss
    Original sin - Dr feels good/ 8 figure bass
    Original sin - D is for danger/ decibel
    Origin - Sequence/ right now
    Origin unknown- Valley of the shadows/ truly one
    Pendulum - Hold your colour (bipolar vocal mix)/ Streamline (picture disk)
    Prestige - Sucker/ breakin the wall
    Pleasure - Flesh eaters/ dagger
    Pleasure - 5points/ vengence
    Picto - Automaton/ cold caller
    Potential badboy - Girlz/ jump to the sound
    Potential badboy - Show me/ Submission
    Potential badboy - Bitch/ You're mine VIP
    Phesta - The key/ skank
    Ph - Sweet memory/ Get down to
    Qproject - champion sound (BC & Tipper remixes)
    Roni size - 26 bass/ snapshot
    Roni size - Strictly social/ Die- Autumn
    Roni size - Scrambled eggs/ swings and roundabouts
    Ram trilogy - screamer vip/ culture shock & brookes brothers - smoothie
    Sound clash - screw face/ over me
    Sensai - Returned/ Tyke & recipe - Drunk step
    Sensai - Nexus/ Heart of dawn
    Sensai - Afterlife/ bomb
    Sensa and complex - Comedown/ one chance
    Subfocus - Acid test/ Get on up
    Subfocus - Rock it/ follow the light
    Subfocus - Splash/ Timewarp VIP
    Subfocus - Timewarp/ join the dots
    Steppa - Lets go get em/ nitty gritty
    Steppa & Kitcha - belly/ jaws
    Shy fx - Shake ur body/ sunship vocal mix/ venus tribe mix
    Shy fx - Bambaata/ Funksta
    Serum & bladerunner - snake fist/ gunshots
    Serum and northern lights/ Rush/ dangerous
    Sly - Respect/ unknown
    Sly - Very dark/ manga style
    Sly - Twilight zone/ you got the nerve
    Sly - spiderman/ twilight zone vip
    Sly - Bastard/ unknown
    Sly - Try some fing/ rock n roll
    Sly - monkey fist/ candyman
    Slum dogs & Jaydan - Cold rock the party remixes
    Subzero - spin doc/ Fever
    Subzero - Motion/ oo baby
    The force - Kill your killer/ Another world
    The force - Welcome to earth/ Gadget girl
    True playaz - No diggidy/ Break the loop
    Taxman - Evasion/ The rebate (gdub remix)
    Taxman - I dreamnt music/ unreal
    Taxman - Too bad VIP/ block
    Taxman - Evasion(remix)/ Sleeze
    Taxman & heist - Demolition man/ Iced
    Taxman & heist - Equinox/ Frequency scale
    Tantrum desire - Lets get raw/ wild tradition
    Tantrum desire - Smile/ ready to go
    Twisted individual - Hand grenade/ Clipz remix
    Twisted individual - Shit dont stink/ Back up plan
    Twisted individual - Hand grenade/ Deep gash
    Total science - Nosher(baron remix)/ Qproject - safety clause (tango&ratty remix)
    Total science - Going in circles(AI remix)/ Kiss chase feat Jenna G
    TC - Evil9 and freeland remixes
    TC - Driver/ The old texaco garage vip
    TC - Deep/ Robots
    TC - Rockstar/ Game over
    TC - Jump/ flatline
    TC - Wheres my money/ Drink
    TC Feat jakes - Haters/ Swerve
    Vapor - Papercuts/ unknown
    Xample - Lowdown/ the latter
    Xample & Lomax - Remember/ Rushing dragon
    Zen - Beat em up/ Cc dubs - All dat
    Zinc - Drive by car/ dub
    Zero G - Heatseeker/ Its going down

    London electricity - Billion dollar gravy
    Dillinja - diggin in ya crates ep
    Camo & Krooked - Edge of mind ep
    Twisted individual - Tooled up ep
    Dubplate killer ep1 - hazard/hype/potential badboy/
    Northern lights - Grim up north ep
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    Room 2 @ Fabric
    I'll take these 3 if ya can wait a few days til i get paid :)

    Die & interface - Brightlights/ rockers mix
    Heist - Spiders ville/ sleep in ya eyes
    Brookes brothers - Tear you down/ Drifter