Lord Livingston - Directions (The North South East West mix)

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Mar 9, 2012
So I'm totally new here... I spend too much time working and forget to have fun! Looking for new driving tunes led me here.
But while I'm here, I was hoping y'all would enjoy a local (to me) mix!

I have a website where I try to get local music heard a little further out... thought it would be a nice favour to my friends to put a little more effort into their music!!
(Disclaimer... I don't try to make a dime doing it, I tried to mix, I kind of suck - these folks are great, so I help where I can!)

Enough about me, here's Lord Livingston's Directions the northsoutheastwest mix, he wanted to try to put a little somethin something for everyone in here. I totally dig this mix, and I hope you do to! I'd hate to let you down on my first post!

Coming at ya from the Dirty Kru, courtesy of The Voodoo Empire!!


(That's a link to the post on my site, I've gotta have a couple hundred mixes on there - big name acts that people request, and more and more local stuff)


Calibre – Thrust
Scenic & Advisory – Don’t Tell Me
Nu:Tone – Broken (featuring Kyan)
MC Fava, Triad – Aftermath
Incident – An Evening With Her
Enei – Slow Motion
Commix – I Have You
Command Strange – So Good
Avalanches – Tonight (Commix Remix)
Paul SG / Jay Rome – Ocean Drive
Netsky – Lost Without You
David Boomah, Serum – Why They Wanna
Champagne – Divine Inspiration (BCee Remix)
Calibre – Can’t Stop This Fire
Foreign Concept and Dekka – Babyfaced Battleaxe
Command Strange – Beautiful Days
Calibre – Proof Positive
Submorphics – Post Modern Soul
DV8 & Nookie – Something Special
Foreign Concept and DBR UK – Radiation
Trex – Mad Muthafuckas
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