Loops and samples?


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Mar 11, 2009
Hi. I'm from Clickproduce, an online producer download store. Rather than than slyly try to post links about "this great new samplepack I've found!" I thought I'd just be straight up. We get some very good DnB content, so if loops and samples are your thing then it's definitely worth a look.

A few of the latest packs -

Neuro DnB

KJ Sawka Live Drums

Urban Technology

Cheers for your time, and any constructive queries/questions welcomed.
the website is really slow, an i didnt know u had to pay for it.....seems like a bit of a rip £20 for somethin that could easily be shit? listen option is not loading either. plus did u make these samples from scratch or have they been put together?
Have you tried again recently on the store? Don't suppose you might have noticed a difference with the speed of the loading? It's much quicker now since the update.

Let me know if what you think now, if you've got the time.
Just a quick shout to those interested -

The biggest one-shot drum library we've ever seen has arrived on the Clickproduce store - click here to check it out. It's nearly 1.5GB unzipped, and there's some free samples on the store to get an idea. Seriously, it's scarily large.

Also, if you DON'T already know about Dark Side of the Tune sample libraries, you've been missing out!
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