loads of drum and bass classics - 450 mint

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    Dec 26, 2005
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    wotup, I have all of these in mint or near condition for sale.......

    generally postage costs 6 or 7 pounds for 5 records from tokyo, pretty cheap....most records are around 6 pounds......some rarer records will be more expensive....mail me at hands_solo1@hotmail.com and i can give u some prices.....peace

    the medicine men scream in the jungle
    dillinja heavenly bass/u don’t know rmx
    the chameleon links
    jmj and ritchie free la funk
    roni size kiss/fresh
    omni trio the deepest cut 2x12"
    pfm one and only
    pascal p funk era
    mirage deep rage
    t power/dj trace turquoise/mutant remix - rollers instinct
    dillinja muthafucka/sky
    source direct different groove
    photek and tayla bringing me down
    dj solo and dj aura take heed
    phaze one phaze one
    original substitute feel free/whats on your mind
    johnny jungle killa sound
    source direct the crane
    bounty killaz do it now
    jack'n'phil I like it remix
    p-funk mind stresser
    st files st files part 1/the dream team remix
    the jb back 2 life
    x-files intensity
    r.n.m jazzy groove part 1/2
    roni size size of things to come ep
    dj krust jazznote/burning
    natural forces the bassline tune/the solid rock tune
    jazz juice detriot
    shy fx funkin em up remixes
    armaggedon nina's rinse
    terrorist/type II singtime
    jazz juice jazz juice
    subject 13 screaming strings
    the 45 roller I keeps it real/killer bee
    photek seventh samurai
    dj trace by any means necessary
    jack'n'phil I like it
    the terrorist the chopper
    spinback and q project rikers island
    sappo die hard
    babylon yes yes 95
    adam f enchanted rmx/wat ya sayin?
    Nasty Habits Shadow Boxing / Prototyped
    Nasty Habits Shadow Boxing (The Remix) / March
    Optical Bounce / The End Part 1
    Fortran Search / The End Part 2
    Calyx Morphology / Schitzoid
    Nasty Habits Liquid Fingers / Liquid Beatz
    Nasty Habits Liquid Fingers (Goldie Remix)
    IC1 Cooper / Presence
    Two Dark Everyone
    Armageddon (2) News At Ten (Remix)
    Source, The (4) Celebrate
    Jason Ball Horns 4 '94
    Northern Connexion The Bounce
    Benny Blanco Remember Me?
    Top Buzz Livin' In Darkness (ray keith remix)
    Peshay Futurama / Endless Thoughts
    Jack n Phil I Like It / Listen
    Jack n Phil I Like It (Remixes)
    Intensity (2) The X-Files Volume 1
    Sentinel, The Awakening / Genesis
    Architex, The The 50th
    Innervisions Southern Comfort / Hidden Menace
    Innervisions Southern Comfort / Hidden Menace
    Intensity (2) The X-Files Volume 2
    Sentinel, The Dig Deeper / Toulepleu
    Top Buzz Living In Darkness (Ray Keith Remixes)
    Code Of Practice Infiltrate / Can We Change The Future?
    Authorised Riddim Split Personality / Navigators Path
    Sounds Of Life (2) Trust Me
    Studio Pressure Relics
    Sounds Of Life (2) Currents / Intallect
    Motive One Technical Wizardy
    Various Hidden Rooms
    Carlito Heaven / Carlito's Way
    Big Bud Temptation / Fantasy
    Intense Breathless / Streams Of Thought
    Subject 13 Oceans / The Morning After
    Carlito Grapevine / Diffusion Room
    Hidden Agenda Rogue Soul
    Apollo 69 / Carlito Mindgaterz / Heaven (Peshay Remixes)
    Bounty Killaz Silent Voices / Killa Instinct
    Fallen Angels Taken Over / Frequency (Remix)
    Bounty Killaz Do It Now! / Do It Again!
    Rising Sons Dreams Of You / Body & Soul
    Tango Spellbound
    Underwolves, The The Crossing
    Rising Sons Touch Me / Dreams Of You (Remix)
    Wax Doctor / Unit 1 Cool Breeze / Atlantic Drama
    DJ Crystl Meditation / Warpdrive
    Code Blue (3) Angels In Dub
    DJ Crystl Meditation / Warpdrive (Remixes)
    Koda The Deep
    Atlas Drifting Through The Galaxy
    Splash Babylon Remixes
    DJ Trace By Any Means Necessary
    Voyager (3) / Ed Rush Baracuda Part 1
    Babylon 5 Yes Yes '95
    Armageddon (2) Nina's Rinse
    Terrorist, The Sing Time
    Sub 13 Screaming Strings/Blue Sky
    In-Sync Get On The Mike
    Terrorist, The The Chopper
    Terrorist, The The Chopper (Remixes)
    Use Of Weapons / Harmonic 33 Untitled
    Danny Breaks Droppin Science Volume 03
    Danny Breaks Droppin Science Volume 03 (Remixes)
    Danny Breaks Easy
    Safari Sounds Droppin Science Volume 07
    Shy FX Funkindem Up (Remixes)
    45 Roller I Keeps It Real / Killa Bee
    Shy FX Bambaata / Funksta
    Shy FX Deja Vu, Volume 1
    Shy FX Bambaataa / Funksta (Remixes)
    Various Metalheadz Presents Platinum Breakz
    Goldie Inner City Life / Jah
    Goldie Inner City Life
    Leviticus Burial
    Goldie Angel
    Various Metalheadz pres. Platinum Breaks
    Three Disciples Gwarn / Snaggal
    Sedzy All My Love / Go Ina It
    Neo Jam / Wanna Be
    DJ SS White
    Mental Power & DJ SS Blue
    Wardance Sleeplessness / Jammin
    Mental Power Control EP
    MA2 Rollers Music / Hearing Is Believing (Remixes)
    Tekniq Moods of Music EP
    MA2 Rollers Music / Hearing Is Believing
    Mental Power In Ya Soul EP (Remixes)
    Keen 1, 2, 3 / Waiting
    Hardware (4) Dreamin Of You / Lix
    Pascal Hyperthermic / Freedom
    Rude Bwoy Monty Out In Da Streets (Remixes)
    Rude Bwoy Monty Steppa's Anthem
    P-Funk P-Funk Era
    Rude Bwoy Monty Warp 9 Mr Zulu / Summer Sumting
    P-Funk Return Of The Funksta / Mindstresser (It's A P Thang)
    Dope Skillz 6 Million Ways
    Dope Skillz Yeah Bwoy / The Fix
    Bigga World Oh My God / My Perspective
    Dope Skillz 6 Million Ways (Remixes)
    D.N.A. + DJ Die D.N.A. / Nasty
    LTJ Bukem & Tayla Bang The Drums / Remnants
    Apollo Two Volume 1: Return To Atlantis
    LTJ Bukem Music / Enchanted
    D.O.P.E. Travelling Part 2
    Invisible Man, The The Bell Tune / The Tone Tune
    Parallel World Tear Into It / Contagious
    LTJ Bukem & Peshay 19.5
    Aquarius Dolphin Tune / Aquatic
    PFM Wash Over Me / Love & Happiness
    Peshay Piano Tune / Vocal Tune
    PFM The Western / Hypnotising
    Aquarius & Tayla Bringing Me Down / Soul Searching
    Chameleon Links / Close Your Eyes
    PFM For All Of Us / The Mystics
    Barrington Levy Under Mi Sensi
    Redrose & Rebel Gun Talk
    Redrose Jungle Tempo / Hotter Junglematical Style (Drum'n'bass)
    Da Intalex Mercy / I Like It (Remixes)
    Sappo Die Hard / Adventure
    Dopeski The Clash / Dope
    DJ Gunshot Regulators
    Bagga Worries & Jooxie Nice Legalize (Quiet Storm Remixes)
    Nookie The Magic / Stars
    Spinback & Q Project Riker's Island
    Interrogator, The Awareness
    Stakka & K.Tee Rugged + Raw
    Concept 2 Lucid Dreams
    Stakka & K.Tee Mainline
    Red One Strangled Duck
    Dillinja & Mystery (5) Deep Love (Remix) / Moods
    Dillinja You Don't Know (The Remix) / Heavenly Bass
    New Blood Worries In The Dance
    LTJ Bukem Horizons
    Aquarius Drift To The Centre / Waveforms
    PFM One & Only / Dreams
    Ils & Solo In The Area / Sweet Sunshine
    DJ Trace Lost Entity (Remix)
    Various Metalheadz Boxset 1
    Doc Scott / Rufige Kru VIP Drumz / VIP Riders Ghost (The Origin)
    Peshay Psychosis / Represent
    Alex Reece Fresh Jive / Basic Principles / I Need Your Love
    Alex Reece Basic Principles (Remixes)
    Doc Scott Far Away/ It's Yours
    Wax Doctor Kid Caprice / The Rise
    Dillinja The Angels Fell / Ja Know Ya Big / Brutal Bass
    J Majik Your Sound / Tranquil
    Photek Natural Born Killa EP
    Hidden Agenda Is It Love?
    Asylum Da Base II Dark / Steppin' Hard / Desire
    Wax Doctor The Spectrum / The Step
    Alex Reece Pulp Fiction / Chill Pill
    Alex Reece I Want You / B-Boy Flavour
    J Majik Jim Kutta / Needle Point Majik
    Lemon D Urban Flava, Part I
    Doc Scott Drumz 95 / Blue Skies
    Rufige Kru T3
    Digital Down Under / Niagara
    Source Direct Stonekiller / Web Of Sin
    Peshay Predator / On The Nile
    Codename John The Warning / Structure Of Red
    Doc Scott / Goldie Unreleased Metal
    Optical The Shining / Dark Skies
    Fortran Place To Be / Sardines
    Fresh & Vegas Otto's Way / Heatwave
    Blame Music Takes You
    Omni Trio Volume 3 - Renegade Snares
    Deep Blue The Helicopter Tune and (Remix 1) and (Remix 2)
    Renegade Terrorist / Something I Feel (Remixes)
    Cloud 9 Volume 4
    E-Z Rollers Rolled Into 1 / Believe
    E-Z Rollers Rolled Into 1 (Remix) / Believe (Remix)
    Dead Dred Dred Bass (Remixes)
    Omni Trio Volume 5 - Soul Promenade
    Omni Trio Volume 5 - Soul Promenade (Remixes)
    DJ Pulse Stay Calm (Foul Play Remix)
    JMJ & Richie Trouble In China / Subroutine
    Blame & Justice Nocturnal / Nightvision
    Blame & Justice Nightvision / Nocturnal (Remixes)
    Higher Sense Cold Fresh Air (Remix) / People Of The Universe
    Cloud 9 Snow / Jazzmin
    Cloud 9 Jazzmin (Remix) / Teach Me To Fly
    Foul Play Volume V
    DJ Harmony Let Me In / So Real
    DJ Harmony Remixes Pt. 1 and 2
    Essence Of Aura Let Love Shine Through
    Essence Of Aura So This Is Love (Omni Trio Remix) / Everybody
    Dead Calm Urban Style (DJ Pulse Remix) / Can't Hold It Inside
    Higher Sense Bizarre / People Of The Universe
    Higher Sense Bizarre (Desired State Remix) / Full Charge
    Aquasky Dezires / Images
    DJ Harmony Hear Me Now / Future Music
    DJ Harmony Future Music (Remix) / Hear Me Now (Remix)
    DJ Pulse Return Voyage / Let You In
    DJ Pulse Let You In / Return Voyage
    Omni Trio Nu Birth Of Cool / Torn
    JMJ & Richie Free La Funk / Universal Horn
    JMJ & Richie Free La Funk (PFM Remix) / Universal Horn (J. Majik Remix)
    DJ Pulse / Tango Let The Hustlers Play / Feeling Real
    DJ Pulse / Tango Let The Hustlers Play / Feeling Real (Remixes)
    Higher Sense Lock Up / Metallic FX
    Higher Sense Lock Up - (Remixes)
    Dave Wallace Expressions (Remix) / State Of Mind
    Flytronix Second Encounta
    Technical Itch Can't You See (Remix)