LK? Fuck that, you need......

DJ Destiny

Jan 30, 2002
Nu/Tone - E.spresso/Chupa meus samples - Chihuahua (DOG01)

I picked up a promo today, pure class.....

This is the first release on John B's new label, both sides are wicked, they
rip the piss out of LK, plus, they havent been cained for the last 6 months
so everyones bored of them!

On the promo sheet it says its out 1st April...... check it out!
hes just shout casted it to me now, its a TUNE!

LK is still good, dont get me wrong, but this tune makes LK sound TAME, just wait till it drops!
yea heard espresso last year.... v good tune!! have u checked 60 minute man- latin ep/guest list ep theres a good latin track on it .....grab it!
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