Live Double Bass Orientated Riddims


So i've always had a soft spot for a live double bass riff/sound as the main drop on tunes, but had recently been made aware of a couple i never knew existed...

I wanna put a set or at least a section together consisting entirely of that style...

So please post examples here.

Heres a few, just in case you have no idea what i'm babbling on about.


Large Marge

garbage truck
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also soundclash, retro and a few others off that ez rollers album

grooverider - cybernetic jazz
dj nut nut - the finest
john b - sax therapy
peshay - switch
4Hero - Planetaria

theres one by DJ SS called Ive got You off one of his Jazz N Bass comps, think a few others on those used double bass as well.

didnt that band Intense on GLR have a double bass player? mightve been bass guitar...

Large Marge

garbage truck
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just looked in my dnb folders, few more that fit the bill:

mercer - petrol jelly
blue sonix - double trouble
bassface sascha - on stage
pascal - smooth terrain
perfect combination - jim the jazz

and,if you wanna go there... clipz - good vibrations


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dj II fresh - double decker and hard edge ( dont remember if they were any good or not but i brought them coz i was hyped for the double bass jams at the time)
ez rollers - weekend world (a few good ones on this lp)
the reprazenets stuff obv
peshay - miles from home & switch
interface - applause