Live and direct "RED" COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan 7, 2003
Live and direct "RED" COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The first label to be launched by the crew at live and direct is Live and direct "Red".
A Drum and bass label which will be dedicated to bounce and quality.
The first release is "locked and loaded" an EP with such weight as to create shock and ore within the industry when it explodes on the scene in late June.
This EP is a Triple a side offering of neck brocin proportion.
The players involved are: SEISMIC FORCE, SPARKEE and UNSOCIAL AUDIO. Three names that speak for themselves and describes the vibe of the EP.a ground shakingly electric and malevolent piece that begs for a rewind, this grouping ensures movement on the dance floor and instant status as a classic of the Nu century. If this doesn't get you dancing, its time to buy those pipe and slippers. Because simply.............. You really don't know anymore.
Track A- Dark Bizniz (Seismic Force) Track AA- Hacksaw (Sparkee) Track AAA-Unsocial (Unsocial Audio).
Dont forget Tuesdays 10-12gmt Catch and SparkEE Ride
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