(liquid) drum and bass/dubstep needed!!!


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(liquid) drum and bass/dubstep soundtrack needed for our upcoming animation, A HD 3D mandelbox zoom similar to these ones,


Except this time it will feature spaceships flying through it. and they will be having an epic battle! Its going to be just awesome :)

We have rendered a short example spaceship+fractal, you can see it here.


We can offer no money, but will provide a download link for a lossless copy of the finished animation + We expect this animation to be well received when its uploaded to our various channels, and could generate you some views/fans. Most of our videos have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of views, and we will place plenty of links back for you in the video descriptions and from our websites - so that if any of our website/youtube/vimeo etc subscribers want to learn more about/buy your music they can.

We intend to have the animation react to the music - So when we get hold of a track we expect to then have the animation finished about 4-6 weeks after that.

We could do it quicker than that, but we want to make sure that the finished production is immaculate.
Can anyone out there help us out?????