Lemon D - Jazz Is EP (Reinforced 185)


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Mar 4, 2002
This would be the first Lemon D record I've bought since his 1992 flavored record on Valve called "Dejavu" in 2000.

Lemon Ducky - Jazz Is EP (Reinforced 185)

What you get here is two records which makes for 4 tracks. "Jazz Is" is a bit of a snoozer, its more of an artsy record to listen to at home then anything else, its good for what it is however its not something I would want to hear out or on a mix tape. The tune on the flip "Give It To Em" sounds like the recent Lemon D stuff that I hate, its full of distorted bass line noises, distorted 2-step beats, and maybe thats Dillinja on the mic saying "Give It To Em" as he likes to do that. From the title I would have thought it was going to be an awesome 1992 styled track but sadly Lemon had other plans.

The other record has another two tracks on it and in my opinion they're much better. Next up is "Soul Thunder" which sounds alot like either something Grooverider would make or something he would play alot of. It resembles old tech step (which I'm not into) however with some more upbeat sounds. Its nice, I wouldn't mind listening to this one a bit more. Now I've saved the best for last, this next tune is what I bought the whole pack for!!!! The tune on the whole pack is "Searching"! This tune sounds much like uplifting 1992 hardcore, the tune is even full of change ups, mood swings, and all that you would expect. The only thing this one lacks to me is chipmonk vocals and complex amen edits, other then that its a TUNE! It starts out with some nice Psychotropic-esk cords, then adds some interesting strings, and then BAM into the amen breaks. The tune then shifts moods by going into some 1991 bleeps and then again another mood shift into some serious teeth grinding hardcore keys. Then an ambient drop that reprises the psychotropic cords from the intro after which its back to the amen breaks. This track is gold, its just a shame the other tunes weren't as powerfull as "Searching". I think Lemon D was "Searching" for a formula that will sell more copies of his EP.

I rate this EP: 5/10 (a lower number due to the fact I had to buy 3 blah tunes in order to get one wicked one) :shake:


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Jan 30, 2002
Got to disagree there, I'm well into the first 2 tunes on this EP and don't really rate the second bit of wax as much.
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Aug 12, 2002
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Searching, for my tastes, is the best tune on the EP. Does everything right as far as I'm concerned... Soul Thunder might be better if it had a more complex beat. The other record isn't bad, but I'm definitely not playin it...

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