DnB [LDN] 28/9/11: Swerve feat. Fabio, Mr Joseph & Tendai


Apr 25, 2009
Wednesday 28th September 2012

Swerve: Back to Uni Session


10pm – 3am


£5 before 11pm / £3 NUS before 11pm / £5 NUS after 11pm / £7 after 11pm

MC free Liquid drum & bass at Fabio’s legendary midweeker. This week Fabio will be joined by Mr Joseph – who has built up a solid underground following with his tracks hammered by Fabio, Bukem, Hype & DJ Marky. His first release on Liquid V ‘Rodigan’ featuring the man himself, has been doing serious damage of late. Swerve favourite Tendai completes the line up.

DJs: Fabio, Mr Joseph (Fizzy Beats), Tendai

Check out Mr Joseph’s Rodigan track: http://soundcloud.com/vrecords/mr-j...ud.com/vrecords/mr-joseph-mr-joseph-v-rodigan

And a nice mix he did for DOA: http://content.dogsonacid.com/mixes...nacid.com/mixes/DOA_Mix-Mr_Joseph-Apr2011.mp3

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