Its all a scam so start stealing
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This CD only release contains some true underground Drum and Bass. There is no hint of commerciallity here. Only inspired beats and daring experiments into sound. The Epic “Everything is not you” is a huge vocal. Deep vibes and complex beats make this compelling listening. “Subversive Renaissance” shows Bobule and Strike displaying their mastery of the break. They have made on their own beat slicing engine and this make some tuff and twisted patterns. The beautiful drifting melodies contrast very nicely. “Blatant Lotion” and the title track (inspired by a wacky 1920’s film intro) “Curse of the Claw” both make welcome appearances. Smash up business. More beautiful lyrics and heavy subs collide on “Droctor” another inspiring track.
“Raas” is a deep nasty slab of head twisting anger. For such approachable people, this is distinctly spiky. Don’t be fooled by the meditational synth intro, the sub is disturbing. “Coltroy” has a split personality, with blissful guitar and pianos drifting like a summer breeze under sweet singing. The lyrics switch into a more reflective deep mode, the gets dark. Just as you were bopping along on summer breeze, this one will get you asking what you’re doing with your life.
“Mangetout” is as deceptive as a second hand car salesman. Beautiful lullaby melodies drift in gently and the beats drop out into a silky pause. But don’t get too drawn in. When the beat returns it’s brought its ugly nut job brother to smash the place up. A heavyweight amen destroyer. “Unison” is possibly the most experimental Drum and Bass track I have heard since the likes of T Power’s first LP. Hallucinatory sounds seem to twist the beats up, as the lads take beat chopping to a next level. Serious editing. “Second Best “ is like a long outro, halving the tempo, and leaning towards an ambient direction, it’s a great ending to this journey. If you want something different, you need to check this out. If you want Drum and Bass by numbers, you won’t find it here.