Latency problem in Reason 3.0


Feb 25, 2007
Hello mates,

I work with Reason 3.0, I've got a Edirol PCR 800 midi controller linked to my laptop

Reason works very nice imo , the problem I have is with the latency. I do have latency compensation set by the software , so It shifts the notes wich I play a bit back in the sequencer depending on the latency settings.

It's really anoying, when I record, I let the beats loop and then I try to give in some chords and stuff but my rythm get's messed up because the notes come too late out of my boxes.

what can I do about it ? would the latency go down a lot if I use Firewire instead of USB2.0 ?


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Mar 24, 2002
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If you're using whatever crappy sound card integrated in your laptop then get a new one. With those you can set the latency much lower. USB is cheaper than firewire but can do less physical inputs and outputs. If you're already using an external audio then make sure you have proper ASIO drivers and the correct device in Reason's settings.
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