For Sale Late 90s Drum and Bass


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Hi, just clearing out my attic and need to create space. I've got this load of vinyl that I've decided to sell. It's mostly Drum and Bass from the late 90s, with some trip hop, trance and some other random odds and sodds. Let me know if you're interested - cheers. I'm based in North London.

Label Artist Track
Additive White Trash We Need Eachother
A-KO Recordings The Accused Meets DJ Stretch Session 1
A-KO Recordings Hungry Tiger Remixes The Guyver Remix
AK-O Recordings DJ Stretch Hungry Tiger
Aladdin Aphrodite Woman that Rolls
Aphrodite Recordings Amazon 2 King of the Beats
Aphrodite Recordings Aphrodite Hit Me
Aphrodite Recordings Aphrodite Spice
Aphrodite Recordings Aphrodite Spice of the Gods (Remix)
Arista 25th May What's Going On?
Arista Records Ltd Thompson Twins Into the Gap
Back 2 Basics Swoosh Ya Rockin (Special K Remix)
Back 2 Basics Swoosh Ya Rockin (Special K Remix)
Back 2 Basics Intel Drop the Sound
Back 2 Basics The JB Rockin With the Best - Spice Remix
BBC Records and Tapes Sound Effects Death and Horror
BBC Records and Tapes Sound Effects Combat
Beyongolia Wildstyle: Instrumental Beats
Beyongolia Wildstyle Soundtrack
Big Life Records The Drum Club Drums are Dangerous
BRA Sounds Bentley Rythmn Ace Bentley's Going to Sort You Out
Brick Reunited Kingdom (Vol. 1)
Capitol Records Kraftwerk The Man Machine
Celluloid Futura 2000 Escapades of Futura 2000
Celluloid Tribe 2 What I like
Celluloid Phase 2 The Roxy
Celluloid Grandmixer DST and the Infinity Rappers Grandmixer Cuts It Up
Celluloid Fab Five Freddy Change the Beat
Celluloid The Smurfs Smurf for What It's Worth
Choci's Chewns K-90 Genesis
Choci's Chewns Choci Bluebeard
Choci's Chewns Pendragon Acid People
Chrysalis Music The Ballistic Brothers London Hooligan Soul
Chrysalis Music Jethro Tull Original Masters
Circa Records Definition of Sound Wear Your Love Like Heaven (E.P.)
Clean Up Sneaker Pimps Postmodern Sleaze
Def Jam Recordings 3rd Bass Derelicts of Dialect
Distance Music Celluloid: The Electro YearsWhy is it Fresh? Compilation
Dope Dragon Gang Related Ruckus
Dope Dragon Dope Dragon Combustion E.P.
Dope Dragon Records Mask Freedom
Dope Dragon Records Swabe Uno Dos Tres
Dope Dragon Records Tear it Up
E.G. Music Ltd Roxy Music Avalon (Album)
Earthz Edge Recordz Cutmaster GB Dedication
East West Dance Natural Born Chillers Rock the Funky Beat
Food Records Jesus Jones Right Here, Right Now
Enjoy Records Feel the Heartbeat
Enjoy Records Funky 4 Plus 1 More Rappin and Rockin the House
Enjoy Records The Masterdon Committee Musicgram
Excel Recordings Johnny L Piper
Foundation Neutral White Label
Fresh Beat Records Two Live Crew What I like
Full Cycle Records DJ SUV Output EP
Full Cycle Records J-Raq Digitise
Funky Break Essentials Electro Special Vol. 1
Funky Buddha Records Al Agami Nothing Like An Idiot
Grand Royal Beastie Boys Love American Style
Grand Royal Records Beastie Boys Root Down
HOC004 Hustlers of Culture All That and then Some
Hot Wax Records DJ Trickster Battle Physically / Krazy Bomb
Hyperion Records Ltd Stockhausen Singcircle
Illicit Recordings Deadly Avenger King Tito's Gloves
Illicit Recordings Deadly Avenger Charlie Don't Surf
Immortal Deadly Avenger Where Fools Lay Dead
Influential Cut Loose Cut Loose
Influential Cut Loose Bodyrock
Influential UTI - Under the Influence I'm finished
Internal Records Genaside 2 New Life 4 the Hunted
Internal Records Genaside 2 Waistline Firecracker
Island Records Ramellzee and Shock Dell Death Command
Joker Marvellous Cain and the Dream Team Insane Remix
Joker Marvellous Cain and the Dream Team Insane Remix
Josie Records The Meters Best of (?)
Just Isn't Music Coldcut Atomic Moog
Justice League Lee Perry and the Upsetters Kung Fu Meets the Dragon
K7 Depth Charge Presents Electro Boogie Compilation
Kartoonz Dragonfist
London Music Ruby Parrafin
M&G U-96 Das Boot (Mickey Finn Full Version)
MCA Records The Heads Don't Take My Kindness for Weakness(Feat. Shaun Ryder)
MCA Records Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama / Freebird
Melankolic Craig Armstrong Houses in Motion (Byrne/Eno)
Moving Shadow E.Z. Rollers 25 Alpha
Mowax Ltd Palmskin Productions The Beast
Mowax Recordings DJ Shadow High Noon
Music de Wolfe The Music Makers Prehistoric, Ancient and Period
MZEE Records MZEE Records Presents Official Battle of the YearMotion Soundtrack
MZEE Records Alte Schule Compilation
Next Plateau Entertainment Ultramagnetic MCs Critical Beatdown
NME The Sugarhill Groove Roots of Rap
Northwestside Records Jay Zee Ain't No Play (Feat. Foxy Brown)
Northwestside Records Jay Zee Ain't No Play (Feat. Foxy Brown)(Ganja Kru Remixes)
Northwestside Records Genaside 2 Mr Maniac
Northwestside Records Genaside 2 Mr Maniac Phat Trax Remix
OM Records Mushroom Jazz / Blueboy Remember Me
Parousia DJ Hype Presents the Ganja Kru New Frontiers E.P.
Parousia Maximum Style Admit To Love
Phatrax Notorious Jay Are you Ready
Pop Art Records Steady B Take Your Radio
Prototype Recordings Matrix Mute 98
R&S Records Boom Boom Sattellites Auto Re-birth 2 Remixes by Optical and Depth Charge
Rave Compilation
RCA David Bowie White Light / White Heat
React Dope Classics What we're gonna do right here is go back
Rhythmn King Music Bomb the Bass Megablast
Rhythmn King Music Bomb the Bass Beat This
Rhythmn King Music Bomb the Bass Unknown Territory
Rhythmn King Music Bomb the Bass Into the Dragon
Routemaster Records Lochi New Wave of Acid Techno
Salsoul Records Instant Funk Bodyshine
Serious Records Upfront Five Compilation
Sideburn Funki Porcini vs Jerry Van Rooyen Great Train Robbery
Silvertone Records The Stone Roses Eponymous
Sire Records Company Talking Heads Remain in Light
Six6 Inner City Ahnonghay
Sony Music Ent. Ltd Apollo FourForty Raw Power
Sony Music Entertainment Ltd. Rage Against the Machine Killing in the Name Of
Sony Soho Square / Furtive Ned's Atomic Dustbin Are You Normal
Sorted Records Winx Don't Laugh
Specific Records Fantasy It's Your Rock
Stay Up Forever A & E Dept The Rabbit's Name was..
Stay Up Forever Rebel Yelle Purple Heart
Stay Up Forever Secret Hero Multiform
Stay Up Forever Rebel Yelle Mizbehavinit Remixes
Street Tuff Tunes Live Convention 81 Various Artists
Streetsounds The Enjoy Story Compilation
Streetsounds Electro 5 Various Artists
Strictly Underground Records X-Clusive No War Business
Suburban Base Records DJ Hype Shot in the Dark
Suburban Base Records DJ Hype Shot in the Dark - Q-Bass Remix
Suburban Base Records DJ Hype The Trooper (Remixes)
Sugarhill Records Treacherous Three Whip It
Sugarhill Records Treacherous Three Gotta Rock
Sugarhill Records Treacherous Three Action
Sugarhill Records The Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight/Apache
Sugarhill Records Sugarhill Records Presents:'We Will Rap You' Compilation
Sugarhill Records Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five The Message
Talkin Loud Roni Size Reprazent
Talkin Loud Incognito Pieces of a Dream
Tam Tam Records Silver Bullett 20 Seconds to Comply
TD Records Inc Special K Rock the House
Timber Records The Perfect Beats Vol. 4
Timber Records The Perfect Beats (Vol.3) Various Artists
Tommy Boy Greatest Beats Double Dee & Steinski
Tommy Boy Records The Perfect Beat Compilation
Tommy Boy Records Masters of the Beat Compilation
Trouble On Vinyl DJ Red Nasty
Trouble On Vinyl Code of the Streets Compilation
Trouble On Vinyl IQ Collective APB
True Playaz Hopa and Bones Dragonfist
Trunk The Wicker Man Soundtrack
Undercover Music Group Ltd Tide
Undiluted Recordings DJ Brockie Presents.. Represents
Urban Takeover Urban Takeover Badass
Urban Takeover Mulder Don't Believe
V2 Music Ltd Tin Star Viva
Virgin Records Bassomatic Fascinating Rythmn
Virgin Records Public Image Ltd Rise
Virgin Records Rock Steady Crew Hey, you the rock steady crew
Virgin Records Chemical Brothers Surrender
Virgin Records Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells
Virgin Records Mike Oldfield The Orchestral Tubular Bells
Wall of Sound Ceasfire vs Deadly Avenger Evil Knievel
Warlock Records A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray
Warner Bros Records Inc The New Zapp Computer Love etc
Warp Aphex Twin Ventolin E.P. - The Remixes
Warp Records Sabres of Paradise Tow Truck
Warrior Records The Vinyl Countdown Ritual
White Label True Playaz F*** the Millenium E.P.
White Label Drum and Bass Symphony
White Label Asian Dub Foundation Buzzin (3 Mixes)
White Label Zapp Radio People
White Label Dreadzone Captain Dread
White Label Divine Hustlers Shaolin Beatbox
White Label Hip Hop Archives Funky (Ultramagnetic MCs) / Wild Thang
White Trash Records 25th May Fuck the Right to Vote
Wrap/Easylee Records The Treacherous Three Old Skool Flava
Wrap/Easylee Records Treacherous Three We Come Phat
X:treme Records Scratch Perverts Presents:B-Boys Revenge - History in the Making
XL Recordings The Prodigy Everybody in the Place
NYCC Fight for your Right (mixes)
Funky Breakz Essentials 2
Funky Breakz Essentials 1