DnB L.A.S. & LQD: 30Hz Collective Podcast Vol. 11 - Best Of 2021


Dec 31, 2005
Budapest - Hungary
After weeks of selection work we made our memoire of 2021. Happy new year, folks!
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LIN000 – LIN001 (The North Quarter)
Jubei & dBridge – Show Me (Carbon Music)
M-zine – Proceed (Sofa Sound Bristol)
Neve, Crimson, DJ Rocca – Miami (Delta 9)
Kublai & Minor Forms – Claret (CIA)
Acid Lab – Funk Tune (Counterpoint)
Ed Rush & Optical – Fixation /Black Barrel Bootleg/ (Patreon)
BRK & Bacon – Obsession /L-Side Remix/ (Hyperactivity Music)
Dava – Endless Spiral (Skankandbass)
Foreign Concept feat. Magugu – Sticks (Critical)
Molecular & Objectiv – The Foundation (C4C Recordings)
Monika & Akuratyde feat. Askel & Elere – Soul On Fire (Soulvent)
Nemy – Imposter (Counterpoint)
Myth – Sabotage VIP (31 Recordings)
Theoretical – Animal Instinct (Citate Forms)
Data 3 – Atomic (Flexout)
Mirrorman – Ski Sunday (Guidance Music)
Kasra feat. Catching Cairo – Guilty (Critical)
Tyrone – Come Closer (The North Quarter)
Zero T – Radical Step (CIA)
Bruises feat. Kintsuku – Shadows (Rebel Music)
Break – Minimus (Symmetry)
Amoss – Blue Whale (Flexout)
Grimesy feat. T-Man – Quantum Leap /Teej Remix/ (Nuusic)
Minor Forms – Udon (Sofa Sound Bristol)
Iris & Sweetpea – Revolution Not Televised (Sofa Sound Bristol)
False Concept – Close (Ekou)
Maykors – Losing (Impact Music)
Tyrone – Repentance (Carbon Music)
Calibre & Jet Li – Black Mountain (Signature)
Silence Groove – Defined (Secret Operations)
Black Barrel feat. Future Engineers – Beyond (Dispatch)
Monty feat. Redeyes – Birdland (1985 Music)
GLXY feat. Rhi – Sweet Lows (Shogun Audio)
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