L 33 - Rush Hour


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Lush track... Bass is nice and the Padwork is pretty. The Lead that comes in around the 2:00 mark isn't doing it for me.

2:12 - 2:14 (that reversed hat) during that Fill is a DB or two too loud imo... was pretty bright/jarring when it hit.

2:59 is begging for something 'big' to happen.. but it looks like you're exiting the track at that point so not sure what to suggest to you.

The main Pad that you start the song with (and play during the entire piece) is pretty stale by the end of the track... maybe some Mod could keep it alive for the duration of the track. Overall, the PROD sounds solid in my cheap headphones, can't fault anything there... your main Pad is maybe a hair too loud imo, but it's fine either way.

There are a lot of solid tracks posted here, you need to give some of these fine lads some feedback... you're not the only one asking for it.