Krust, Bailey and Friction @ Bradford Uni, April 27th - THIS WEDNESDAY!!

"Legends of the Dark Black", the South's premier drum'n'bass promotion, comes to Bradford Uni for a night of full-on drum'n'bass with world renowned DJs Krust, Bailey & Friction.

In room 1 - 'The Colours Bar' - "Legends of the Dark Black" will be showcasing some of the Drum'n'Bass scene's biggest names and finest talents with the Bradford debuts of DJ Krust, DJ Bailey, DJ Friction.
In room 2 - 'Escape' - 'Trauma', in the form of resident DJs Andy Dextrous and D-Mod, will be providing tru-skool beats with turntablism like they only know how.

10pm till 2:15am. April 27th 2005

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