KRONIX - Gunshot


It's good, yeah for sure. The bass is very nice and boomy. There is a mid or mid-low voice that is kinda faint in there, and maybe could be turned up. I really like the drums, especially I like the reverb on the clap; maybe you could turn it off in part of the song for variation though (like added to the breakdown)? Anyway, just a thought. The high(er) voice coming in at 2:32 or so sounds very faint, and should be turned up. Of course I lack monitor speakers, though my audio is pretty bog-standard for "low high end" computer speakers ("expensive" Logitech 2.1s).

You end really solid, and I like the pacing created with the FX. I do wonder if the song needs to go on for 6 minutes (it seems to have said everything it has to say by 5:20).

Well anyway there you have it. Just because I found a couple of things to critique doesn't mean I could do better (or even as good), of course. :p

Also, my sub cried 'mercy' when the song ended; always a fun thing...


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You have really got this dark stuff nailed down, always like to see a new piece end up on my soundcloud stream. This is a big one! Technically i cant say anything, except I wish i could sound that crisp and clear! Top work