DnB Kronix - Criminality (Neuro / Tech)

Nice stuff, I dig the bass and im sorry im gona say that but the intro and the drop arent really doing it for me. Loving the outro.
Sounds well produced to me. I myself didn't feel the intro was too bland, but I do agree that more could be added to it. Just a thought.
Awesome tune. I don't agree with the above posters about the drop. It sounded pretty good to me.

Intro is a bit dull, but like you said, aiming for something more DJ friendly. A 16 bar drum loop like that to start is a great DJ tool and you don't get a lot of that in DNB.

You could always release 2 edits of your tracks if you want to provide more DJ friendly tracks. Really though, I went through the other stuff on your soundcloud and the intro's aren't too out of the norm for dubstep / dnb? Do you DJ friends spin House/Techno by chance? They might just be spoiled by house style intro's if so.
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