Label kr4y - "Fringe" [T3K006]

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    kr4y - "Fringe" [T3K006]


    This is the debut of kr4y on T3K Recordings. The output
    of this UK-based flying dutchman can be known from his
    netlabel Beat Addiction (which he runs together with Arje)
    and his releases on T-Files ("Depurify" T-FILE007) and
    T-FREE ("Jerk" T-FREE044).
    "Fringe" builds up on a very own minimalistic sound and
    structure and shows that techno-DNB does not need to be
    hard. Its distinctive elements hypnotize and will put people
    on dancefloors worldwide into ecstasy.

    mp3 & wav available here: (paypal enabled)

    soon also here: recordings

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