Knowledge Magazine 58 - July 2005

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    The new issue of Knowledge K58, is now available to buy in the Knowledge online store or check your local newsagent or record shop, here’s the lowdown on what to expect…

    The Soul Controller - The hottest mix of clothes and music since MC Hammer and baggy trousers, we converse with Aerosol Clothing exec. Leke.
    He also gives us this months free CD mix of Soulful D&B, UK Hip Hop and R&B Riddims, fanks leke x. (check end for the full listing).

    Frontlines - Liquid Ganja? Viral mutations?? BSE??? Live electricity???? This month’s news gets scientific.

    Pendulum- Swinging from Black metal to Breakbeat Kaos three lads from Perth, Australia, tell us how they conquered Drum ‘n’ Bass.

    Music Forever - One like the Swift or the ‘Special one’? Knowledge talks to Mampi Swift about his new album, being a father and Jose Mourinho?!

    Liquid Asset - 70% of the Earths surface is covered in liquid so it’s only right that D’n’B is awash with the stuff too. Bryan Gee, D-Bridge and MC SP lead the wave.

    Bad Taste- Prepare to be led astray as the boys from Bad Company come back with a new compilation, just don’t tell your mum…

    Red Alert- Blazing into your headphones like a burning effigy J-Majik and Wickaman give us the story on their plans for 2005, and ritual sacrifices.

    Exile Non Main Street- Self proclaimed country bumpkin Exile talks about complex beats and experimental sounds. So how does twinkle twinkle little star fit in? All will be revealed…

    The Original Drum & Bass - One for the trustafarians, Knowledge takes a look at the roots of Dub Reggae.

    Juicy Fruits – More metallers turn their eye to Drum & Bass in the shape of South London band Diablo Nuffness and their rising label, Jerona Fruits.

    It’s time to Larouque – He was Good Looking, you can find him in Hospital and he’s got a Wildstyle. Knowledge finds out more about the man called Larouque.

    This Is Sway – Straight out of Hornsey, Derrick to his mates, Sway to you, and cousin of D’n’B’s own DJ Ink we sit down with the UK’s wittiest rapper.

    Art – Champions of more than music, we at Knowledge offer sumptuous treats for your eyes too! This month sees the turn of South East London web designer, illustrator and artist, Kunal.

    Reviews – Pendulum to Kano to Star Wars Episode III nothing is safe from the roving eye of Knowledge.

    Amon Tobin – Pay attention as the master of sampling tells you all about his favourite production tools.

    Fashion – Upset when that fit girl on the dance floor passes you by? Sad when the rude boy flicks a fag in your eye and laughs? Weep no more as Knowledge’s fashion tips turn you into the coolest kid in town.

    Living In The Drums - Knowledge enjoys a cup of tea with Bristolian Bad Boy, Clipz.

    Dancefloor - Sick of ending up in loud, dark places full of mashed up people? Then stop gong raving!! For those who are still with us let Knowledge tell you about the places we visited last month and recommend you don’t miss this month.

    This issue’s free cover CD,
    Aerosoul Presents Soul:Control - Soulful D&B, UK Hip Hop and R&B Riddims

    1. Paradox / Alaska - Aerosoul (V.I.P) (Vibez)
    2. Ill Logic & Raf feat. Don:E - 1 Stop To Glory (DZ Recordings)
    3. London Elektricity feat. Robert Owens - My Dreams (Total Science mix) (Hospital)
    4. Artificial Intelligence - Switch On (Commercial Suicide)
    5. Coree (Damage) feat. Kele Le Roc - Maria (Cooltempo / EMI)
    6. Skitz & Die feat. Rodney P, Dynamite, Tali & The Mixologists - It's On
    7. PD Syndicate - Ruff Like Me (Shy FX & T Power Remix) (Public Demand)
    8. Omar & Don:E - No Reason (Omar Music / Atomic Dread Productions)
    9. Karl Hinds - Lets Have Em (A.S. Dnm Dub) (Ill Flava)
    10. Roots Manuva - Witness (1 Soul Dub) (Big Dada / Banana Klan)
    11. Zion I feat. Ty - Cheeba! Cheeba! (Penalty)