Knick & Gigantor "The Ultra Violence" (Evol In


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Mar 4, 2002
Here is a record thats both demestic to the US as well as one thats written by some of the goofy posters on DOA.

Knick & Gigantor "The Ultra Violence / The Ultra Violence (djwallyPishposh remix)" (Evol Intent 002)

Usually domestic American DnB is always heavy metal 2-step dnb however it seems this one is not, its the 1992 revival sound which I'm always prasing. The original cut is nice in its "intent" however Its not quite pulled off to perfection as the mastering is really bad, like as if Red Alert & Mike Slammer did it. Also the ideas in the track take a while to develop which add to the snooze factor. The Pish Posh remix on the flip gets right to the point, a nice amen break with james brown chipmonk sqeeks, joey beltram hoovers, and a cheeky sample from the clock work orange. This mix is also mastered really well so everything is as crisp as an unopened can of prinkles. The only thing I'm not feeling in this pish posh remix is the use of filters over the hoovers in the breakdown.

I rate this record: 6/10
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