Kmag Presents... Restless Natives & THTC History of DNB Party

Jungle heavyweight and long-serving drum and bass soldier DJ Kid will be touching down at Cafe 1001 on December 1st for our last free party of the year. On the night he will be armed with 5 hours worth of beats, as he takes us on a journey through the ever-evolving pages of dnb history.

DJ Kid is the most prolific force in Scottish drum and bass, and the history behind his emergence on the scene, and his well-earned notoriety reads something like a battle. Unable to solidify the rising sounds of breakbeat into Scotland's clubbing heritage in the early 90's, he was forced to push his sound further south, and in the process gain enemies in his homeland. However, it wasn't long before he found himself playing at nights alongside the likes of DJ Rap and Fabio, and developing his skills as the drum and bass scene began to find its feet. With this new energy DJ Kid brought the sound he had developed back to Scotland, and to a warm reception.

Over the years he has played a big part in the scene, and has found himself entertaining live crowds and radio audiences all over the world, and has even found time to start up his own label, Restless Natives. The label, which has hosted some classic beats from the likes of DC Breaks, is back with its eleventh release, and what better statement to make than to recruit the production genius of Real Playaz regular Original Sin. The release will be a remix of the old DC Breaks tune Emperor, and will be backed up by the original on the flip side. There will also be another Original Sin remix available for download.

Look out for imminent releases on Restless Natives by DJ Kid himself, and Vital Elementz of Serial Killaz, as well as the launch of Restless Natives Digital.

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Once again make sure you're available for DJ Kid's 5 hour history of drum and bass set for Kmag's FREE party at Cafe 1001 on December 1st.

Its going to be HISTORY IN THE MAKING, and a dancefloor FIRST that you wouldn't want to miss.

DJ Kid 7pm - midnight

Cafe 1001
Off Brick Lane
London, E1
Nearest tube stations: Aldgate East and Liverpool Street

Find DJ Kid and the Restless Natives crew on Souncloud:

More info at: