DnB Kiazma -- 1-14-12 Untitled (Deep Melodic DnB)

is that sort of chorus atmosphere sidechained to the kick? if not, i think it'd sound better if it was - give it some movement and all

it sounds good and i think you could make a decent track out of what you have

7 mins is a lil too long though i reckon, personally id probs cut it down to 4-5ish and space out the synthy bits

what dBridge does so well when it comes to arrangement is not rushing to fill sections. in dBridge's tracks (and a lot of stuff on exit imo) theres never any feeling that noises have been crammed in to fill space - the tracks progress when they're good and ready, and i think your track could benefit from that (just to hold back a lil)
Ahh thanks for the feedback man. Yeah, the pad is sidechained, but rather lightly. I wasn't sure how I felt about heavier ratios and the "pumping"

I agree on length. I feel kind of bad that I might have uploaded it before I gave myself more time to revise the structure.
I'll revisit the tune in a few days with a fresher mind and will restructure according to what you've mentioned. Should make it much better :]

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Took the tune down from public view. Realized I don't think it's ready yet :/

Here's the functioning link:
I gave a comment on SC..
In short: try some more sections, or lengthen the break and build to the sea-ending, cause it is worth some emphasis, also it could be a little longer, it really makes me feel at ease :3
Thanks for the feedback mate :]

I'll definitely give the ending more of an emphasis, and I think I'll make it more a part of the progression toward the second half of the song.
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