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Renegade Noize
Emcee kenna grew up in a Suberb of Los angeles on the west coast of California, after moving around southern california doing shows for Jungle theory in house family, tyco productoins and Renegade Noize emcee kenna then moved to Ireland in order to expand his music with Renegade Noize internatoinal. emcee kenna is now a resident emcee for the renegade noize internatoinal crew and is doing shows in dublin and is avalible for bookings anywhere. Currently emcee kenna is a Renegade Noize resident and has worked with UK MC's and lyricist Gusto, Mekar, AK MC and Riya internatoinal super star producers such as kasra, break, total science, Roni Size, Breakshift, Deltron, Grooverider Lenzman Marky Commix and many more big time names in the entertainment industry, emcee kenna is a american emcee and presents a new style of drum and bass emcee a LA lyrical style. you and catch emcee kenna on for his podcast that is also avalible on itunes podcast store. emcee kenna is avalible for bookings,,,, just e-mail or contact Sean Walsh