Keeping up to date with the DNB scene

Hey people,

I'm wondering what resources you lot might recommened for keeping up to date with latest tunes/mixes without having much time?

My regular routine has been to check junodownload, and email alerts from them on artists or labels i like & try to keep up with social media. But, I've since been stretched for time as a dad now, full time job and trying to start a small business on the side. Now theres hundreds of alerts sitting unread in my email as I havent got round to checking them, but dont have the heart to delete them as I hate to think that theres something good out there that I could be missing out on.

I imagine the best thing to do would be to check latest mixes but my question is, whats the best places to go to find them other than keeping an eye on some selected artists on social media and hoping they upload something? Is there a great place (maybe even on this forum?) to watch for mixes from people that are putting the latest stuff out there in? Or what else could you recommened?

Sorry if this has already been asked before. It probably has, several times....

p.s. Maybe not neccessary to read but If it's helpful to know what I'm into to answer the question then:

the top of my DNB flavour has got to be energetic good vibes ragga jungle, my interest in jungle/ragga probably started with Aphrodite and then Benny Pages original stuff sealed the deal. Later discovered Serial Killaz and Ed Solo has always been a staple and probably my favorite DNB artist. I also like a lot from Visionary, General Levys stuff off the Foward album is top for me, Dope Ammo, Top Cat, Kursiva, Run Tingz.

My other top flavour is just energetic good DNB, some of it which I cant really think of what sub-genre to put in, for example:
Culture Shock - bad red
Break & Die - grand funk hustle
Jade & Break - what you are (break remix)
Dope Ammo - collusion
Friction - 3rd degree gurns & flip the page
Danny Byrd - doghill
Octo Pi - electronic music & matter
Document One - i got a fever
Zen - turnstyle (baron remix)
Dr Meaker - fighter
Mob Tactics - dredd
Wickaman - one scratch

I also like rollers n Liquid
Grafix - this world, Colossus - amour and Camo & Krooked - see through you, are great examples

I also like the heavier darker side or the funky or intelligent side, as long as its bangin im happy!

Not much of a fan of the over aggressive side, jump up is limited to a dozen good tracks or so for me, or too many beats over complicated stuff if that makes sense.


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DnB Fourm is a shit place to keep up with dnb. TeeBee called this place a bunch of chirping crickets.
Have you tried MTV?

In all seriousness I get being a busy adult and keeping up with your loves in life. I enjoy this place for that reason. You have a mixture of old and new opinions, and plenty of shit opinions too, here. But most of love the music and there is a large enough pool of people to be constantly inundated with up to date information.


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This place is definitely the best for keeping up to date. Check it in the morning and open a few tabs. Subscribe to the "Forthcoming...(label name)" threads of the labels you like