DnB Kastro - Lucid Dreams

where is your sub peaking?

the b-line is a lil monotonous but you could fix that by automating the cutoff filter every 4th bar or something

interesting track, i think it has potential

the vox sample is sick but i think you use it too often

the whole thing sounds a bit flat though, you could try putting reverbs on the clap and especially the vox sample

the drum builds at 0:20 and like 0:42 sound pretty bad, if snare rolls are your thing then you should automate it with a cutoff filter or some shit, just something to give it some fluidity

the little lfo bit at 0.44 would sound 5x better if you reverbed it and put some stereo separation in

edit: i like the stabs

but yeah, i think its a good start, id suggest you experiment putting a reverb on everything, it'll make a big difference
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