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KANE UK - Guildfords freshest legal up and coming radio station providing the best in all Types of UK independant and underground music are now recruiting radio show producers in preperation for its full return, following its successful 28 day broadcast back in August 2004, scheduled for the latter part of this year

Candidates need no previous radio experience, just a keen interest in uk underground music and a committed level head as training will be given by management and the current team.

We ask they be at least 21, have a car and be willing to travel to Guildford a few times a month, this will initially be an unpaid position as it is a new business which at first will be next to no profit making, but rest assured fulltime positions will become availible as the radio grows, Despite this It is an exciting project to be involved in and you will work closely with some of the biggest names in various uk music scenes including DnB, House, UK Garage, Hip hop, Soul, Funk and more..

Please note at this time we are not actively seeking djs for shows, although this will change in the near future, we are only seeking people wishing to be involved in radio show production, behind the scenes of a show.
Any other business relating to kane UK, ie advertsing or anything of a business capacity feel free to e mail your questions/enquiries to the same address.

For more information on whats involved or to apply for involvement please send an e mail with the following information to getinvolved@kanefm.com

1 Real name / street name(ie dj/mc/artist name if applicable)

2 Telephone contact numbers, home and mobile.

3 Previous experience on radio or with anything they think is relevant.

4 Top 5 music genres from favourite to least favourite (not the most hated just least favourite)

5 In 50 words minimum explain why you want to be involved in Kane uk, and what you to feel u have to offer the radio.

ALso active now - www.myspace.com/KaneUK
Simple, all interest is greatly appreciated and will be replied to at all times, thanking you!
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