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May 30, 2006
Red Catz - jungletrain.net promomix march 2011

Hello! My name is Andei "Red Catz" Dzisko. I am a DJ, event promoter, and SoulRed Records label owner/founder from Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Electronic music came into my life in 1997 when I bought Prodigy "The Fat of the Land" on tape. I was honestly surprised. From that moment on I began to get really interested in electronic sounds, hearing lots of different styles. In early 2000, I gave myself to hard techno followed by minimal techno, and then breakbeat and finally downtempo. And then in 2005, I began playing drum & bass. To this day I play vinyl exclusively; I never felt the need to DJ with any other medium. Many friends call me "oldskulla" and insist that the new technology will not go away. I agree with them, but all I can do is just smile in return. Vinyl is what I love and believe in. As the saying goes: "Two turntables. One love".

From 2007 to 2009 I played on various internet radio stations and in January 2010 I happily became a member of the jungletrain.net DJ team and began my weekly Wednesday show "Kung-Fu Sounds". I have focused the show on deep drum & bass music; I love the variety of ethnic instruments, mysterious bewitching vocals, and different oriental motifs. I really like the ancient culture, mystical civilization and their teachings. For several years I have been practicing Taoist Kung-Fu. Hence the name of my show "Kung-Fu Sounds" because it reflects the vibes of my heart and soul.

In this edition of the jungletrain.net promomix series, I introduced music that I like and I tried to show the current trends of drum & bass music as I see them. I used a lot of new unreleased material, including tracks from my label. The mix is full of dubplates by talented producers from post-USSR countries as Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. So, from USSR with love. ;)
In general, we can say much about the music, but actually we should just listen. Enjoy the mix!

Kind Regards,
Red Catz

Listen to Red Catz LIVE on jungletrain.net: weekly, Wednesdays, 16:00 - 17:30 (CET)

email: redcatz@jungletrain.net
AIM: redcatzdnb
myspace: myspace.com/soulredrecords
facebook: facebook.com/redcatzdnb
web: www.soulredrecords.com



>> Intro
01. Remembrance - Deprecation - [dubplate]
02. Remembrance - Dream Water - Lifestyle [forthcoming, 2011]
03. Reborn - What Julia Dreams About - [dubplate]
04. Bass'Flo - Poseidon - Bass'Flo [BFR001, 2010]
05. Sobersoul - Escape - SoulRed [forthcoming, 2011]
06. Remembrance - Waterfall - SoulRed [SOULRED01, 2010]
07. ZigZag - Star Sky (Kelle Remix) - SoulRed [forthcoming, 2011]
08. Reborn - Round Square - Kos.Mos [forthcoming, 2011]
09. Seba - Painted Sky (Bass'Flo Remix) - [dubplate]
10. Sunchase - Moulded (Pryzma Remix) - [dubplate]
11. Fade - Nemiga Dub - Sinuous [forthcoming, 2011]
12. B cloud - Deeper (Clarity Remix) - Aerial Vibes [AERIAL001, 2010]
13. ZigZag - Blizzard - Respect [forthcoming, 2011]
14. Justice & Metro - Igloo (Fade Remix) - MJAZZ [forthcoming, 2011]
15. Sobersoul - Singer Know - SoulRed - [forthcoming, 2011]
16. Remembrance - Night Bridge - SoulRed [SOULRED01, 2010]
17. Fade & Mono - Grilled - IM:LTD [forthcoming, 2011]
18. Stereotype feat. Tiiu - Dreems Come True - NexGen [NXG008, 2011]
19. Kelle - Born to Die - [dubplate]


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The jungletrain.net promomix series has been published monthly since December 2004. Each mix showcases a different jungletrain.net DJ, offering a taste of his/her show on jungletrain.net. Starting in October 2009 the promomix series began to also feature an occasional special edition "engineers" mix, featuring dubplates and unreleased tracks from jungletrain.net producers and affiliated labels. To download previous promomixes, visit the promomix archive.

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