(!) June 11th (!) 30 + Artists (!) Cannot be described, Only expierienced

Jon Hennessy

Global Sound Philosipy

Through the years we have dedicated ourselves to bring the entire east coast only the best in dance music events! Tonight will be no different! Join us June 11th 2005! As we see an ever changing atmosphere! The dawn of the new era! A new testament in the long history of dance music! As we bring unity back to our scene and embark on a new adventure! As we create a new staple in Midwest edm events! With over 10 hours of music featuring over 30 artists in 3 areas! It cannot be described! It can only be experienced!

Dusk Till Dawn Events and G.S.P. Entertainment proudly present


Saturday June 11th 2005 Columbus, Ohio


Roc Raida- NYC - Hip Hop/Turntablism
X-Ecutioners, Ill Tongue, Premiere Artists

In the late eighties Raida gained prominence as a member of the New York-based crew the X-Men who later became known as the X-ecutioners. Champions of furthering the turntablist movement, the X-ecutioners made their reputation by utilizing the techniques of beat-juggling; the manual alteration between individual kick and snare sounds to create original drum patterns in real time. This practice has been an inspiration and a force in Roc Raida’s style. His impressive finishes in some of the premier DJ battles; (first place in the 1991 "As One"; second place in the "Superman Battle"; and second place in the 1992 DMC US Finals, and 1995 DMC World Champion) as well as featured on an episode of "Saturday Night Live"; (the first DJ to ever) has made him an american icon. Inducted into the DMC Hall of Fame at the DMC World Finals in New York City, as well as the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Raida was appointed "Grandmaster", by some of Hip-Hop’s founding fathers. Raida solidifies his "Grandmaster" status by creating a vibrant mix of underground hip-hop skillfully creating a fantasy mix-show with a tongue-in-cheek look into the hip hop world. Now, traveling around the globe promoting the art of Turntablism in such exotic locations as Singapore, Turkey, Japan and Australia. Roc Raida is considered among the best of the contemporary DJ’s and has brought the underground art of Turntablism to a fresh new level.

DJ MONK - Florida
www.hallucination.com, www.djmonk.com, Pimp Juice

As one of the Founders of Rabbit in the Moon, Pimp Juice and Hallucination Records, Monk is a corner stone of the Southeastern U.S. Scene and has established himself as a devoted player in the Electronic Music Industry worldwide. Best known for his early work and collaboration with Confucius in the collective "Rabbit In The Moon" ('92-2002). Monk has also remixed several multi-platinum artists including Sarah McLachlan, The Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Sting, Britney Spears, and White Zombie, and headlined shows across the nation from nightclubs to giant festival massives. Now establishing a new solo career apart from R.I.T.M., it is here where you, the subterranean public may encounter The Monk - the Mack-Of-All-Trades, the dreadlocked dj/producer/artist and overall hustler of culture. Banging out a soundtrack of underground party music that jumps from hard house and breaks to slamming disco-tech, funk, and twisted techno, to drum and bass rinse-outs. One of the most versatile djs around, we are proud to bring you the one and only dj monk.

Scott Henry - Washington, D.C. - House
Buzzlife, Fever, Ultra records

By no means your average DJ, Scott Henry goes well beyond the time-honored tradition of rockin' dance floors. A fixture at Spundae, Twilo, Chicago's Crobar and Miami's Groove Jet, as well as Washington D.C.'s massive Ultraworld parties and Privelege in Ibiza, Scott also started the east coast’s most esteemed club nights-Fever in Baltimore and Buzz in Washington D.C (voted URB Magazine’s #1 weekly event) A well known east coast legend, we welcome to Columbus the capitol city’s most revered DJ.

Titonton Duvante - Midwest - Broken Beat/Tech Funk
Residual, Jazzanova, Bitasweet, Planet E, www.titonton.com

If one had to say a few words to sum up the multifaceted musical talent of Titonton Duvanté, adjectives like innovative, ambitious and creative could be used to describe him. A definitive leader in Ohio EDM, Titonton is continuously in the studio and touring the globe spreading the sound of the future. As a dj and producer he is equally sought after and considered to be the number one broken beat dj in the United States.

Ariel - D.C. - DnB
Biotic, Trendsedaz

Fresh off his year and a half hiatus from the Midwest scene, Ariel has been expanding his horizons in our nations capitol working on numerous recording projects in RnB and HipHop. He will be representing his new production team "Trendsedaz", who's work has already gotten praise from J Records, Jive, Def Jam, and names such as Tommy Mattola. Ariel is itching to hit the tables again, dropping remixes of his own material, originals, classics, and current dance floor slammers! We are happy to welcome back one of Ohio’s own (what, you thought you could get away?)

Tom Sawyer - Cincinnati - U.S. Hard house
ACHardcorps.com, GSP Entertainment
*Revolutions v.3 release event*

This man needs no introduction, with vinyl releases being sold world-wide on his own label 'AC Hardcorps', Tom has quickly become a staple in the U.S. hard house scene. He's had his tracks remixed by the likes of the House O' Holics, Delta 9, Dj venom, Splatterhouse and performed at countless events across the country. With a superb track selection, consisting of ruthless hard-hitting original tracks and incredible mixing, Tom Sawyer WILL be bringin' the hard shit for the truly hardcore. Prepare yourself..

The Perfect Crime aka Ritalin and Heathcliff 2x4 - NYC - Hardcore/gabber
GSP Entertainment, Bass Connection, Synergy, Vitus, LuvVibe *Record release and cd giveaway*

Ritalin and Heathcliff are two of the east coasts hardest working promoters, and when they are not throwing quality events they are destroying crowds from NYC to LA to Germany and now Columbus Ohio. Whether hard style, hard house, or hardcore their track selection is unstoppable and cuts are razor quick. So lace up your dancing shoes and prepare for a Blistering set of hard style gabber and straight noise!

Airplane Clique aka Joshua Perry and DJ Canada 2x4 - Cincinnati - Hard dance
GSP Entertainment, Airplane Clique, joshuaperryac.com
*DJ Canada "bonzai" cd release*

Two of the midwest's most active djs Joshua Perry and Dj Canada come together for the first time ever as airplane clique. Performing a completely rare and original 2x4 with the hard style and uk hard sounds of the DJ Canada and the hard trance styles of Joshua Perry fused together to form a hard dance masterpiece that's sure to get the party movin'.

DJ EXODUS & DJ HELLSTORM 2x4 - NYC - Hardcore/gabber
H2oH Recordings, Dub Base, AC Hardcorps, Kryptic Music, Adrenaline AM, GSP
CD Release for " DJ Exodus - Harder Than House vol.3 "
CD Release for " DJ Hellstorm - Path to Hell "

Since the mid 90's Exodus has continued to make an impact and blow away audiences around the globe, and this appearance will be no different. Making a long awaited return to the Ohio area, Exodus will pound the very foundation to the core with nasty baselines, amazing synths, ill scratching & turntablism tricks and kick drums to kick a hole in your dome. This time accompanied by his partner Hellstorm, whose nasty and lethal combination of hard style and hardcore has been leaving crowds begging for more! Tonight they combine to do a 4 turntable hardcore show that will dismantle your senses!! Tons of free giveaways during the set, make sure you catch em' ... Strictly for the hardcore,.....Keep it motherf*ckin' headstrong!

DJ Endo - Boston - Breakz
GSP Entertainment, Airplane Clique, www.djendo.com
**First time ever in ohio**

DJ Endo is a true break beat soldier, not only are his mixes flawless and dynamic, but his energy in the booth and interaction with the crowd rocks the party every time. Hosting his own weekly radio show, "Graveyard Breakz" on WRUV FM, as well as attending one of the top music schools in the world, Berklee College of Music, where he is pursuing a double major in Music Synthesis and Music Production & Engineering, Endo has been on the forefront of the breakz scene and is one of the fastest rising breakz djs in the world. Watch out Ohio as Endo makes his first ever appearance.

Sinister - Cincinnati - DnB
Party Til Dawn ( Chicago), In-The-Groove

Known to ignite dance floors from the nasty to all across the US with high energy shows and untouchable track selection Sinister guarantees a performance you won’t soon forget.

Phrenzy - Dayton - DnB
GSP Entertainment, Groovereactor, Rokit Labs, djphrenzy.com

One of the Midwest's most talented DJs and producers, as well as an accomplished turntablist, Phrenzy continues to lurk in the shadows, surfacing only to play one of several residencies, club nights or raves. His turntable manipulation skills and musical style on par with a traumatic night terror have earned him praises from many industry professionals, and a placing in Liquid Funk Magazines 2002 Upcoming dnb DJ Competition.

Billy B - Columbus - Hard Techno
GSP Entertainment, SAE, billyb.com

One of the fastest rising edm djs in the midwest comes to rock it yet again in front of his home town crowd. Although versatile, most have come to know billy b for his hard techno sound though out clubs and raves across the midwest and south west. No doubt another quality set to get you into the groove.

Jon Hennessy

Global Sound Philosipy
Kaiten & Sparkles - Cincinnati - Happy Hardcore w/ Live Vocals
Suburban Hardcore

Shinma - Columbus - DnB
URU, Toybreakers Inc.

Nero - X - Cincinnati - Hard Techno
Hypnotik Theropy, Airplane Clique

JFm - Tampa - Tech House
GSP Entertainment, basicbeats.net

Mike Divine - Columbus - House

Netic - West Virginia - Hard Style

Caedo vs Nameless - Columbus - DnB
TDF Productions

Cathexis - Columbus - Speed Garage
URU, Daarsound Entertainment

Flash Gossamer - Lancaster - DnB
Super America Entertainment, Elliptical Entertainment

Dialated - Cincinnati, Columbus - HHC
Super America Entertainment

C_kret - Columbus - DnB
Super America Entertainment

Kileak - Minneapolis/Toledo - UK Garage

Component - Cleveland - DnB
412 D&B

Nathan J - Cincinnati - Trance
In the groove, Flippmusic.com

Bryan Surreal - Dayton - Freeform
Streaming Sounds Recordings, happyhardcore.com

Attak - Columbus - DnB

Pasty Vs. Coleco - Columbus/Lancaster - Freeform/hardcore
RPG Street

Hallucination On Film - Florida
Psychoecstatictrancenducingroovridingtechnofunkologicalvisuals - IN FULL TECHNOCOLOR -
Visual imagery for the video screen. Static freeform clips chewed up & spit out onto giant video LCD screens. Amazing visuals by one of the top visual companies around. Original display during Monks set.

The Court Jester - Midwest
Rare live performances from this slightly odd clown, mime, juggler, light show, party kid (not kandy). His last appearance was 2001 in Dayton Ohio, Bringin him back out of retirement, expect live unique experiences throughout the entire night.

Dklipse productions - Cincy
Dklipse productions will be on hand recordings a documentary on edm events in the midwest as well as gsp. There will be plenty of crowd shots as well as interviews with our most extreme looking party kids. Dress to impress, or to the extreme, costumes, face paint, weird hats or lights shows...anythings goes.

Live freakz, fortune tellers, beads, fun house themed costumes and more...

! is proudly sponsored by Vestax, Moist Music, XS, and 6ft. undaground productions

Massive multi-room Warehouse provided by NIGHTBREED

Lighting and visuals
Provided by VAST and HALLUCINATIONS on film
the midwest's best joins forces with the southeast's best

By Thundersound
The name says it all

by Starlight Lasers www.lazershows.com
16.7 million 3.5 watt lasers for your visual pleasure

Professional security will be on hand to the protection and safety of everyone.
Absolutely no drugs, alcohol, markers, bad attitudes, bad vibes, sawed off shotguns, nuclear devices, house hold cleaning chemicals, chain saws, 10 year olds, huge rubber dildos, sever cases of paranoia, smelly arm pits, or underwear......expect to be searched! ROAR in Effect!!!

Promo giveaways
by Moist Music, GSP, AC Hard Corps, XS, and more

This will be general admission
Doors open at 8 p.m. - 6 a.m.
Please arrive early to avoid the lines.

All vender inquires please Email alien@gspmagazine.com

Limited $20 presales through GROOVETICKETS.com
$25 all night

Info line.....full directions and updates on

As always we thank God for his creation of music, just too bad he put it in our hands, you the true kids of the scene for the support and dedication, Mrs. Alien, Bryan Oleary, ryan, Mike D, Emdef, Roc Raida, Sondra @ premiere, Scott henry, Judith @ am only, the one and only monk, guys at hallucination, and of course ohio's own vast and thundersound, starlight lasers, all the way from Memphis for you guys, ariel, sinister, titonton, billie "potato" exodus, hellstorm, Moist Music, Mike, Chad, Tom dog, :scene:, Ravetrash, NORML, Matt, walt, Shelton, Chris, Ian, the rents, my indy cats, all my nyc and pa crews, Brad, Adam, The entire GSP Family, the court jester, edge, Jon Hennessy, Ryan Mack, Sean, Tom, Josh, Skrapy, Bubbles, Billy b, Slink, tonE, Warsong, Grimus, KATT
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