Jump up mix (Sly/pleasure/hazard/PA/OS)

Got technics for xmas and ive recorded my first mix

try to ignore my friend trying to mc at the beginning it does get quieter after a min and you cant hear him. And it goes quiet before the last mix because i got a phone call lol

Killa Hurt - Love Games
Dirty Harry - Skankers
DJ Sly - Candy Man
DJ Sly - Rock 'n' Roll
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Streethawk
DJ Pleasure - Massacre
P.A - Merky Water
DJ Pleasure - Flesh Eaters
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Cold Blooded
Clipz - Pull It Up (TC Remix)
Vital Elements - Becoming
Heist - Sleep In Ya Eyes
DJ Sly - Monkey Fist
Zen - Full Effect

Stream - http://www.zshare.net/audio/55476171b50fc43f/