Jump Up - feedback pls

Really nice, loving this style of DnB coming through the last couple of years, this sounds quite 'cutting edge' which is great. I reckon track needs a bit more variance in terms of structure though - I'm always a fan of a switch after the first 16-32 bars of the drop to mix things up. The breakdown is a bit empty too as its just drums so you need to add something a bit more here than just drums and the vocal sample.

Perhaps on the drop start of stripping back some of the hats and bringing them in at say 8 bars, and some more at 16 bars to give some variety and more flow in terms of building. At moment the listener gets all the sounds straight up on the drop and then it doesn't really build from there. Also more on the breakdown. I'd even consider mixing up the main bass sound and throw in some melodically driven stabs in there every 8 bars to give a break to the heavy bass wobble sound?

Drums - sounding phat and way better than what i can do and the bass patch is pretty wild and awesome too. So nice work!