Journey Through the Cycle Sept 2008


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Mar 14, 2008
Not a d/l, just some news - this sounds fuckin phat. (sorry if it's 'old' news - i did do a search first)

"DJ Krust, alongside Roni Size, DJ Die and Suv is the co-founder of the legendary Full Cycle crew, a collective who truly shaped what British music is today with their sonic experimentation and open- minded approach to their art. And now, after over 15 years at the top of their game, Full Cycle stalwart DJ Krust is once again about to inflict utter chaos upon unsuspecting D&B fans with a massive double CD packed with classics and unreleased gems from the Full Cycle crew’s collective back catalogue.

That’s right, Krust has lovingly gathered a selection of his beloved beats spanning over a decade of Full Cycle love and, rather like a proud father, has blended them fluently for your aural delight. Featuring a big selection of Full Cycle favourites including Roni Size’s hoover-wobble monster ’26 Bass’, Die & Clipz’ modern classic ‘Black Doves’, Krust’s own comic book super villain ‘Kloaking Device’ and Die & Photek’s huge vocal smasher ‘Thunder’ (ft. Hollie G) alongside a few Full Cycle crew productions from other labels, such as Roni Size vs. Rahzel’s beatbox mastery on the incredibly sought after ‘Out Of Breath’ (originally on V Recordings) and Roni’s Jump Up ogre ‘Friends’ which appeared on Technique’s ‘Street Technique’ album.

Anyone who’s been a fan of Full Cycle throughout the years will be eager to get their hands on this double CD affair, and with promises of a series to emerge with more classic, unreleased and exclusive material from the FC vaults it seems ‘Journey Thru The Cycle’ is just beginning. "

• Krust - Follow The Vision
• Krust - Warhead (TC Remix)
• Die & Clipz - Good Old Days
• Three Way - Price Of Face
• Die & Clipz - Monorail
• I Kamanchi - Moving Fast
• Scorpio - Flip Da Script
• Surge - Count Down
• Roni Size - He's Back
• D Product - Buddy
• D Product - Mandolin
• Surge - Mutant Returns
• Krust - Malice
• Die & Photek - Thunder (ft. Hollie G)
• Clipz - Hold Tight
• Roni Size - Fright Night
• Krust - Warhead (TC Remix)
• Krust - Kloaking Device
• I Kamanchi - What Is Kamanchi?
• Krust & Clipz - Brain Wash
• Clipz - Frequency
• Roni Size & Die - Last Train
• Die & Ben Lean - Camouflage
• Roni Size - Out Of Breath (ft. Rahzel)
• Breakbeat Era - Ultra Obscene (Roni Size Remix)
• Roni Size & Die - AAA
• Roni Size - Friends
• Roni Size - Mad Professor
• Clipz - Ready To Roll
• Roni Size - Fassy Hole
• Krust - Warhead (Ram Trilogy Remix)
• D Product & Surge - Bounce Da Bass
• Clipz - Coco
• I Kamanchi - Collision Course
• Die - Blow Yer Whistle
• Die - Sound Tape
• I Kamanchi - Code
• Scorpio - Impact Music
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