Joeroxor - The Thing!

Nice track mate. Here's my comments..

Really nice intro. Love the hats.
The synth at 1:08 sounds a bit out of place, to my ears. Might be out of key or something, I'm not sure.
Nice drop. Satisfied.
Not too sure how this would sound mono, there's a reece-thing that sounds VERY stereo that might sound weird. Might want to check that.
If I were you I'd add some drum fills here and there, it'd help add some variation to the drums. They sound good but if anything they get a tiny bit repetetive. Good stuff though.
3:51 Oh shit, nice ambience bro. Creepy.
4:29 YESSSS NICE DROP! Love it! That hits the spot! I'm noddin!
4:50 Sweet, new drum loop. No real complaints. Sounds good.

That's all I got bro, overall really nice choon. I'd appreciate a review of my track if you could! :)